a Pre-College Summer Program high school student

Ambitious high school students know two things. One, getting into a competitive college is important and requires some interesting activities that go beyond simple high school clubs and working a part-time job. And two, it’s crucial to get a feel for their future career (and earn college credits) before they even step foot on campus as a college freshman. Thankfully, there is one type of program that meets both of these criteria. The pre-college summer programs at Dean College, offered in sports management and leadership, sports broadcasting, and forensic science are all designed for those ambitious high school students looking to make a smooth transition into college life.

Get College Credits While Still in High School

Why is it important to earn college credits while still in high school? Well, college is expensive, so anything that can be done to save a bit of money counts. If students can earn a few credits beforehand, then that is less that they will have to do when they’re officially in college. On top of this, seeing those college credits on a college application shows admissions officers that the student has what it takes to be successful at their school. This gives those high schoolers a leg up against the competition. All three pre-college summer programs at Dean College offer participants the chance to earn those college credits.

Learn More About Your Chosen Field

In addition, students who attend a pre-college summer program have the chance to learn more about their chosen field. Those who are thinking about going into sports broadcasting, sports management and leadership, or forensic science have the chance to spend two weeks at Dean College attending lectures, going to labs, engaging in other hands-on activities, and completing extracurricular things, like touring stadiums and police stations, to see what the field is really like. Plus, students get to network with experts in the field, which can help them later on, when they are ready for a job or an internship.

Find Out What Interests You

Sometimes, students think that they are interested in a topic or career field but find out that they really aren’t. They get to their sophomore year of college and change their major, only to realize that they have to take extra classes and possibly spend an additional year or two in college to make up the difference. It would be easier if they could learn this ahead of time, which is where these pre-college summer programs come in handy. After two weeks, a student will know whether or not the field is for them.

Spend Part of Your Summer Seeing What College Is Really Like

Finally, high school students can get a taste of college life for those two weeks. They get to live or spend time on campus, go to lecture halls, and eat in the cafeteria. They have a chance to really get to know their fellow students and join in some bonding activities, like going bowling. All of this can teach them more about college life than reading a pamphlet or watching a video ever will.

If you’re an ambitious high school student, the pre-college summer programs at Dean College, offered in sports management and leadership, sports broadcasting, and forensic science, are a great way to fully immerse yourself in the true college experience. Ready to take the next step? Request more information, today.