It’s no secret that ambitious high school students looking for a way to get ahead and familiarize themselves with college life this summer should highly consider attending a pre-college summer program. These programs are designed to give students a little taste of college life while also preparing them for what a general course load entails at the college level. Essentially, students will finish a pre-college summer program with a sense of whether they still want to pursue a certain major and/or industry path, as well as gaining some memorable social experiences. However, before packing their bags and heading off to college for a portion of their summer, there are some things all students need to know, along with a few general expectations about the selected program.

Spending Time on Campus

The number one thing to expect from a few weeks on campus over the summer is a well-rounded taste of the overall college experience. What’s it like to live in a dorm with other students? How do meal plans work? What types of food does the cafeteria serve? Some students, especially those who live far enough away where they must live on campus, get a true taste of what it will be like to be a college student. 

Through Dean College’s summer programs, students are assigned dorm rooms and get to spend ample social time with their fellow classmates. Even those who commute to campus are still immersed in the experience and able to participate in the college life experience. Additional activities, such as sporting events and field trips to some of the local attractions, are also offered through Dean’s pre-college summer programs.

Taking College Courses

The classroom time devoted to these two-week courses is the most important part of Dean’s pre-college summer programs. Students often have a good idea of what they’d like to major in but want to experience first-hand what to expect in the classroom from their chosen major. Since these are college courses strategically designed for high schoolers to complete in two weeks, the material might be slightly different with a condensed timeline; however, the assignments, lectures, lab time, and general workload are all very similar to an actual college course. Dean offers pre-college summer programs in forensics, sports broadcasting, and sports management. Students who believe they may want to major in those subjects will enjoy a concentrated program that consists of time in the lab or the studio right on the Dean College campus with day trips to additional facilities sprinkled in.

Receiving College Credits

In addition to spending time on campus, students will earn three college credits after successfully completing the pre-college program they selected. These credits can be used if the student subsequently attends Dean College or they can be transferred to their chosen college/institution when the time comes.  It should be noted that acceptance of any institution’s course credits is solely determined by the receiving institution. 

The possibilities and opportunities that Dean’s pre-college summer programs offer are abundant and rewarding for high-achieving high school students looking to gain a competitive head start this summer.

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