Sport Management majors from Dean College walking into the corporate offices of the New England Patriots.

Majoring in sport management is only half of the decision that high school seniors face. Which school to attend is the other side of the coin. Many schools offer sport management degrees, or at the very least, management degrees with a specialization in sports. However, deciding which school to attend requires a deeper look at the overall program, as well as the school itself, since you need to find one that will provide you with the education and hands-on experience that will make your resume stand out.

Ready to pursue a sport management degree? Here are some things to look for when examining potential degree programs.

Check Out the Coursework

Obviously, attending college means spending some time in the classroom. Lectures, activities, papers and reading assignments are an important part of the college learning experience. However, once you finish your general education courses (most liberal arts schools require them), the rest of your time should be spent learning things that apply directly to your major. Looking for some examples? The sport management program at Dean College includes courses in venue management, psychology of sport, statistical analysis and decision making and more.

Is an Internship Required?

A degree that requires an internship shows that not only do the instructors and the people in charge of the program understand the importance of hands-on experiential learning, but also that they deem it crucial for all students. Getting credit hours for an internship and spending some time behind the scenes at a sporting venue is a win-win situation. You’ll end up learning quite a bit outside of the classroom and have something that you can put on your resume.

Where Is the School Located?

Where a college is located is an important question. Some students prefer one type of atmosphere (rural, suburban, city) over another, but there’s something else to think about here as well. If you want to complete an internship in the field, how close is the nearest sports team? A location with several professional teams will provide you with more opportunities than one without a team at all.

Are There Any Sports-Related Affiliations?

Choosing a school that has some sports-related affiliations, like Dean College, just provides you with another way to get your foot in the door. You’ll gain the types of connections that you need to get a job once you graduate, and you’ll have a better opportunity to get an internship with one of those teams. It presents you with a situation where you can learn as much as possible about the field, both in and out of the classroom.

Choosing Dean College for Your Sports Management Degree

Why choose Dean College? We offer a sport management degree program that not only includes all of the coursework that students need to qualify for a job in the field, but we also provide a number of hands on opportunities as well, which helps students gain skills live and in person. If you want to major in sports management, take a look at our degree program today!