Dean College Sports Broadcasting Summer Program Students in the Patriots Radio Station

Sports broadcasting may be the ideal future career option for your sports-loving high schooler. Whether they spend football season, baseball season or basketball season in front of the television or glued to the audio broadcasts of each game, this might just be the career for them. Even better, they can have the chance to see what sports broadcasting is really like, spending a week of their summer attending the Sports Broadcasting Pre-College Summer Program here at Dean!

These programs not only give them the chance to experience college life, but they also allow students to see what it's like to be behind a microphone giving play-by-play. What does our Sports Broadcasting summer program entail? Here’s a sneak peek.

Going Behind the Scenes at a Stadium

One of the coolest things about working in sports broadcasting is having a press pass that allows you to go behind the scenes at a stadium. Students enrolled in the sports broadcasting pre-college summer program will get to do just that. A behind-the-scenes tour of a local professional sports stadium is a part of the program. Students will get to see everything, from the broadcast booth to the locker room and more.

Gaining Professional Experience

Not only do participants get to go behind the scenes, but they also get to be part of the action. Part of the pre-college summer program involves putting together a professional reel of broadcasts done during the week-long experience. This means that students will end up on camera providing information about a game, give a live play-by-play that will be recorded and even conduct mock interviews. All of these things will allow them to hone their skills, as well as provide them with enough experience to know whether or not the field is right for them.

Learning From the Experts

Our sports broadcasting pre-college summer program at Dean College is led by John Rooke. He's the director of The Center for Business, Entertainment and Sport Management, as well as the voice of several professional and college sports teams. He'll share his experiences with the students, teaching them the skills that they'll need to start a career in this field.

Experiencing College Life

Since students will be living on campus during the week-long program, they'll spend time in the dorms and eat meals at the cafeteria, just as a regular college student would. They'll also have time to socialize with each other, and have fun, going bowling, playing various sports and more. There's nothing like a pre-college summer program to provide an authentic taste of college life.

Our pre-college summer program in sports broadcasting takes place for one week during the summer. Students have the choice of two different sessions, one starting on July 24 and ending on July 29, 2022, and the other starting July 31 and ending August 5, 2022. Participants who live close enough to campus can commute, while others will live on campus for that week. Either way, students will learn more about the field and have the chance to earn college credit for completing the program successfully. Come join us and find out if sports broadcasting is in your future!