Dean College student on the field at Gillette Stadium for New England Revolution game

Lindsey Adams ’23 is going after her goals. On campus, she’s an orientation leader and a captain for the women’s soccer team. Off campus, she’s a game-day coordinator for the New England Revolution, a professional soccer club in Major League Soccer (MLS), at Gillette Stadium.

As game-day coordinator, Lindsey’s role is to make sure the field is properly set up, from ball stands and flags to coolers and phones, to ensure everything is ready to go for the game. She reports to the field about two and a half hours before game time and starts setting up the field before meeting with the other coordinators and coaches from both teams to make sure the game is set to start. Lindsey is also a referee liaison, so she informs them when it is time to break the locker room for game time and escorts them to the field.

During the game, she and her fellow game-day coordinators maintain the balls and the field to make sure the game stays on schedule. After the game, they reverse their work to make sure that the field is cleaned up after both teams and referees are gone, then do a final sweep of the stadium to make everything is cleaned up.

Lindsey uses her on-campus roles as an athlete and an orientation leader to inform her job with the Revolution. “Being an athlete and working with a sports team are obviously similar – I’m aware of what needs to be done for the team, since I go through it on campus,” she explained. “As an orientation leader, my role was to make sure the new students get the best experience. When working with the Revolution, I want to make sure the fans also get the best experience when they’re at the game, so I have to make sure I’m completing my tasks to make sure their game runs smoothly.” Her experience in all three areas also gave her the chance to speak on a Women in Sports panel sponsored by Kraft Sports + Entertainment and NoBull, alongside a Patriots cheerleader, a CrossFit trainer, an Olympic cross-country skier and an Olympic para-athlete.

She credits Dean’s exclusive academic partnership with Kraft Sports + Entertainment as helping open up these opportunities for her. “Dean’s affiliation with Kraft played a huge role in securing the job,” Lindsey said. “I saw the job listed on Indeed during a class, and I decided to apply for it. I also had past experience on my resume that helped me secure the job, because the roles were similar to what I do with the Revs.”

As an Exercise Science major, having a job with a professional sports team has given Lindsey valuable experience to launch her future career in sports. “Although my game-day operations job is considered sport management, it has been nothing but an amazing experience and an awesome job,” she said. “My goal in the future is to hopefully transition to working with the sports performance teams with the Revs, and staying involved with Kraft Sports has given me a start! If this is not realistic, hopefully I can use this experience to secure a job with another professional sporting team.”

Of course, there’s been some pretty cool perks to working for a professional sports team, in addition to all the career preparation Lindsey is getting. “This whole job is pretty awesome, in my opinion,” she said. “I’ve been on TV, talked to all the athletes, driven golf carts around the stadium, ran into Patriots players, and met some big names from the away teams, such as Romeo Beckham, professional soccer player David Beckham’s son. One of the coolest parts of this job has been becoming friends with Jozy Altidore, the United States men’s national team striker. He even helped me surprise my brother with a game-worn jersey for his birthday. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything!”

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