A student studying for finals on their laptop

It’s that time of year again – time to crack open your books, review your notes and ace your final exams.  The only thing standing between you and winter break is your finals! Read on for 5 tips for a successful finals week.

  1. Find a quiet place to study. As you are home studying for your exams, it is important to find a quiet place to do your work. Clear off a comfortable space in your bedroom or kitchen so that you can get in the zone to focus on your material.
  2. Create a playlist of study jams. Open Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube and search for a solid studying playlist. Whether you like to listen to classical piano or pop while you hit the books, listening to music is a great way to clear your mind of any distractions.
  3. Charge your electronics. Make sure your keep your laptop, phone and other devices charged to ensure that you have enough battery life to power through your exams.
  4. Incorporate breaks. Giving yourself a few minutes rest while studying will help you in the long run! Set a timer to power through your study time and then incorporate 10-minute breaks in between. Your eyes and brain will thank you!
  5. Take advantage of your resources. The Dean Community is here to help you succeed! Communicate with your professors if you are having trouble in class or if you need further clarification on class material. Check Today@Dean for information about Success and Career advisor check-ins and other resources that you can use during this time.

You can do it, Bulldogs! Remember to relax and take a few deep breaths if you are feeling stressed. You’re almost there! Learn more about our Student Services and Resources.