Dean College students and professor in the syndaver lab, discussing the top career changes for nurses

Burnout is one problem that plagues the nursing field. Nurses work 12-hour shifts or more, staying on their feet almost the entire time. They have to multi-task effectively, checking on their patients and charting things like heart rates and medications. While the job is fulfilling, and almost a calling for those who love it, there are plenty of nurses who choose to seek out a different career after several years on the hospital floor.

What are some of the best career changes for nurses? Read on to find out.

Physical Therapists

A physical therapist works with patients in order to help them physically recovery from injuries or illnesses. For example, someone with back pain, as well as someone who spent a month in a hospital bed, would both see a physical therapist. This job requires a solid knowledge of physiology and anatomy, both of which a nurse already has. You’d just need additional schooling to earn a medical degree in physical therapy.

Health Service Managers

In order to get off the hospital floor and work as a manager, overseeing entire departments, nurses will need some business knowledge. Starting off with a certificate in business is a good way to start this career change. What you’ll learn in those courses, combined with what you already know about healthcare, will help you in this role.

Social Workers

Nurses interact with social workers all of the time. Most hospitals employ them to advocate for the patients and help them access the resources that they need in order to stay healthy or manage their chronic illnesses. Working as a social worker requires some additional schooling, but your nursing skills will help you address patients and meet their needs.

Medical Sales Reps

Medical sales representatives work for outside companies that make everything from devices to pharmaceuticals. Nurses can put their knowledge to work, explaining to other medical professionals exactly what these products do and why they’re necessary. Although there are specific courses dedicated to these jobs, a certificate in business is another way to learn the basics.

Health Educators

People who want to work in healthcare to help others, but outside of a hospital setting, may find that working as a health educator is a good option. Health educators put together programs, hold meetings and work with various populations in order to teach them more about what good health looks like and how they can obtain it.

Medical Record Technicians

Medical records are a crucial part of every hospital and clinic. These technicians are in charge of ensuring that those records stay updated so that mistakes aren’t made. Since technicians need to have a good understanding of medical knowledge, this is an ideal alterative career for a nurse.

Change Your Career with Courses Designed for Adults

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