Sports marketing degree students discussing the skills they've acquired.

There’s a lot that you can do with a degree in sports marketing or sports management. The program teaches a number of skills that can be used in various fields, including the two that it’s intended for, sports marketing and sports management. What are some of these skills? And how will they come in handy in other lines of work? Here’s what you need to know.

Tracking ROI

Are you familiar with ROI? The abbreviation stands for Return on Investment, and it’s something that marketers are very familiar with. For example, when you place an ad online or in a print publication, you need to track it to see if it’s successful at bringing in your desired audience. If it is, the Return on Investment, or ROI, is positive, making the expense worth it. This is one skill taught in marketing classes that can be used in numerous other career fields as well.

Sports Ethics and Laws

It wouldn’t be a degree in sports marketing if you didn’t learn anything about sports ethics or sports law. Both of these are handy if you plan to work in any field that’s related to sports, although having knowledge of ethics and law in general is always useful, no matter where you plan to work after graduation.

Written and Verbal Communication Skills

When it comes to soft skills, which are the ones that many employers find useful in the workplace, nothing beats the written and verbal communication ones that you’ll pick up while studying for a sports marketing degree. You’ll easily be able to write everything from basic emails and blog posts to more complex presentations.

Decision Making Abilities

Marketers need to make many decisions on the fly. There often isn’t time to think through every last detail when you have to place an ad quickly or choose a color scheme for your newest logo. Having the ability to make important decisions quickly is something that you’ll learn while studying sports management and marketing, especially when you’re working on group projects.

People Skills

The best marketers are those who forge relationships with people of all types. If you want to hone your people skills, then you’re in the right program. You’ll learn to skillfully collaborate with everyone you work with, as well as realize the best ways to approach people on the streets in order to get their opinions or inform them of things.

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