Dean College Orientation Leaders

The first round of New Student Orientation (NSO) starts next week, and we’re gearing up to welcome new Bulldogs to the pack! Meet some of our orientation leaders as they share what they are looking forward to most about NSO and the advice they have for you during your first year at Dean.

What are you most excited about for NSO?

Angel Rivera ’23, Sport Management: “I’m most excited about meeting all the incoming students. They’re a huge part of our school. We really want them to come in, have a great time, meet some great people and eventually graduate from Dean College.”

Michael Fortin ’24, Exercise Science and Arts & Entertainment Management: “All the new students and being able to show them what Dean is really about.”

Trevor McConnaughey ’25, Dance: “Just to show new students what Dean is all about and being there for them as the first friendly face on campus.”

What is your favorite part of NSO?

Alex Palacios ’23, Exercise Science: “For me, it’s seeing the orientation leaders step out of their comfort zones to make everyone feel welcomed when they come in.”

Janey Boldrighini ’23, Business Management: “Being with everybody. “Living in such close quarters, we get to know each other really well and we end up becoming great friends after the whole experience.”

Myles Luongo ’24, Theatre: “The people. The people here are just fantastic and they’re great to work with. It’s just a great program and I feel like it really highlights Dean.”

What advice do you have for new students?

Angel: “Get outside your comfort zone. I think that’s one of the biggest things when coming to college. You don’t want to stay inside your comfort zone, because then you won’t learn. You’ll learn a lot inside the classroom, but the real learning comes outside the classroom, when it comes to friends, relationships and stuff like that.”

Michael: “Get involved. As soon as you get here, get involved and get your foot in the door. The more you’re going to put into your college experience, the more you’re going to get out of it.”

Alex: “To not think that you’re alone, because you’re not. Your freshman class is probably scared too. Talk to upperclassmen. They were scared too, and they will help you when it comes to classes, being social, just pretty much everything. Everyone is really welcoming here.”

Emily Goyette ’23, Theatre and Early Childhood Education: “Be yourself. No one here knows you, so you can completely just be your authentic self and be any person you want to be.”

Kelsey Blass ’23, Early Childhood Education: “Going out and trying new clubs. There’s a club for literally everyone. Just because you go to a club meeting doesn’t mean you have to join the club. Just try different things.”

Trevor: “Keep an open mind and just have fun. I would never have thought that I would be on the Step Team before I came to Dean, but here I am. Be open to new opportunities, make new friends and have fun.”

Cassandra Costello ’25, Business Management: “It’s not as scary as you think. When I first came, I was really scared, but then I made friends, met new people and I found my place here.”

Adrianna Hirn ’23, Dance: “Get involved. Sometimes freshmen are really nervous to get acquainted with campus, and getting involved in clubs and activities helps you acclimate better.”

Janey: “Be yourself. That’s what we want you to do here at Dean. It’s all about authenticity at Dean, having a good time and just being who you are.”

Myles: “You can always say no. When you come to college, you always feel like you have to say yes to things, and you have to have these crazy experiences, but you can always so no to anything, whether it’s an opportunity or just not feeling comfortable about something.”

Our orientation leaders – and the entire Dean community – can’t wait to see you on campus! Learn more about our upcoming New Student Orientation sessions.