stock image of gaming computers, representing some of the available gaming jobs

Video games are no longer just a fun distraction or procrastination tool. They’ve become something more than that. Students now spend their time in esports clubs, trying to become professional gamers. Those that don’t want to be behind the controller or joystick find jobs planning and promoting these events. There are even sport management majors that include courses on esports.

In short, video games are everywhere. If you want to work in the wide-ranging gaming field, you may find yourself gearing up for one of these jobs.

Game Designer

Game designers are the ones who produce the concepts for video games. They develop the overall storyline, name characters and spend some time thinking up various actions and activities for the players. Essentially, it’s like they’re putting together a movie or a television show concept, except it’s for a video game.

Game Animator

There are usually many animators working on a specific video game. Some capture the actors or players movements so that they can be transferred into the game. Others design the background and interactive sets. Still others spend their time on the minutia, making sure that the video game looks as real as possible, or at least fits the designer’s and director’s vision once it’s done.

Game Director

Just like a movie or stage director, the game director is in charge of ensuring that everything goes smoothly while the game is being created. Those in this position will review the animation and digital graphics, make sure that the voices sound like they should and ensure that the storyline is followed. Plus, they are the ones in charge of keeping track of deadlines, which means that they have to stay in communication with the various workers.

Game Compositor

Someone has to put the finished product together. This is a job for the game compositor. Those in this position are responsible for assembling the background art, action items, characters’ movements, sounds, motions and more into place. They essentially put the final pieces of the game together so that it can be reviewed and tweaked before it’s sent out to the world.

Game Public Relations

Video game companies need PR people much like every other business. Whether they are giving out sneak peeks of the animation on social media or getting prototypes of the games into the hands of professional reviewers, they are the ones who have to hype up the game to make sure that people buy it.

Game Technical Artist

Working far behind the scenes, the game technical artist is the person in charge of coding the game. After all, there’s only so much that the animators and artists can do. They need a frame to work with, which is where this position comes into play.

Do You Want to Work in Gaming?

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