Three paramedics loading a stretcher into an ambulance during the EMT Training Program at Dean College.

Prospective EMTs, no matter what their existing level of medical training looks like, need to find and enroll in a certified program in order to work as an emergency medical technician (EMT). While those with some nursing or medical assistant experience may find it easier to learn the material required to become an EMT, those without any training in the field can also enroll and become an EMT after completing the training and passing the required exams in order to get certified. It all starts with examining why you want to become an EMT, as well as figuring out where to get the EMT training you’ll need.

Why Become an Emergency Medical Technician?

Most people who work as EMTs describe this difficult job as a “calling.” It can be stressful, especially when performing CPR on a heart attack victim, performing the Heimlich maneuver on someone who’s choking, or hurriedly having to insert an IV into someone’s vein in order to provide lifesaving blood, fluids, or medications. No matter the case, EMTs are lauded as heroes. They literally do everything in their power to save lives and transport patients safely to hospitals for further medical treatment. This is exactly why some people choose to become EMTs.

Where To Get The Best EMT Training

No matter your reason for wanting to become an EMT, you need to enroll in a certified emergency medical technician program. When looking for the best EMT program for you needs, there are certain things to look for, including:

  • Class Times – Often, students enroll in EMT training while working a day job in order to make ends meet. Since Dean College offers evening courses and lab work, it’s easy to fit these trainings into your schedule. Flexible scheduling is definitely something to take note of.
  • Training Hours – In order to become an EMT, you need to have a certain number of training hours. In the state of Massachusetts, this number is 120. Dean College ensures that this requirement is met. 
  • Session Dates – If you want to start working towards your EMT certification as soon as possible, finding a program that runs multiple times throughout the year, instead of just during traditional college semesters, is preferable. 

What’s Involved in the Training Process?

In order to become an EMT, you need to complete the required training mentioned above. There are 120 hours of combined in-class and lab work necessary to learn all the material needed to pass the required state exams and begin your career as an emergency medical technician. Students learn everything from how to quickly diagnose a patient suffering from a stroke, to how to splint a bone, to how to read an EKG. These things, plus all of the additional knowledge required to work as an EMT, are taught through a combination of hands-on lab work and extensive course lectures. And did you know that an EMT Basic certification is the first step towards paramedic training? So, if (and when) you decide to become a paramedic, this exemplary program is waiting for you at Dean College.

Choosing where to enroll in EMT training is just the first step toward jumpstarting your career in emergency medicine. Dean College is here to help you build your knowledge, accrue your hours, and pass your state exams, so you can begin your life-saving journey as a heroic (and much needed) EMT.