College Traditions

  • Over 150 Years of College Traditions

    For the past century and a half, Dean College has energized campus life through traditions, ranging from Thanksgiving Dinner to Commencement, that connect current students with the College’s rich history. We pride ourselves on these traditions, listed below in chronological order.

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      Athletics-Academics-Achievement Ceremony

      The Athletics-Academics-Achievement Ceremony recognizes student athletes who have achieved a 3.2 GPA or higher, in either the past semester, or cumulatively over the past two or three semesters. Dean is proud of all the accomplishments of our student athletes — both inside and outside the classroom!

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      Dean Leadership Institute Executive Lecture

      The Dean Leadership Institute Executive Lecture brings successful leaders to campus to speak to our students. Students get to meet and speak with the leader and hear how the leader got to be a leader. Alumni continue to ask about it and some return if they can to hear the current speaker. All alumni are always welcome.

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      Golden Key International Honour Society

      The baccalaureate students who are inducted into Dean College’s chapter of Golden Key have been selected for membership as a result of their outstanding academic achievements and their conduct in the Dean Community. Criteria for membership includes, amongst others, being in the top 15% of the junior and senior classes.

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      Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

      The purpose of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society is to recognize and encourage academic achievement among two-year college students. Criteria for membership includes, amongst others, earning a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.8 after one semester or 3.5 after two or more semesters.

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      National Society for Leadership & Success Induction Ceremony

      The Induction Ceremony is held every spring and is one of the most important steps for the National Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS). The Society is an organization that helps people discover and achieve their goals. The Society offers life-changing lectures from the nation’s leading presenters and a community where like-minded success oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed. Students are invited to participate in the Society based on their current cumulative grade point average.

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      Spring Fling

      Held at the end of the spring semester, Spring Fling not only allows students to get outside after a long winter, but to have tons of fun! This two day event has activities throughout the day and the evening with the highlight being the Spring Fling Carnival complete with a BBQ and a wide-range of attractions.

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      Faculty/Staff vs. Students Softball Game

      The Faculty/Staff vs. Students Softball game is one of Dean’s longest standing traditions. Each year the College Community comes together to see who will dominate the field and be crowned the winner. Those who are watching also get to enjoy treats from an ice cream truck that comes to campus especially for the game.

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      Dean College 50th Society

      The Dean College 50th Society is a group of our most seasoned and valued alumni, comprised of alumni who graduated 50 or more years ago from Dean College. Each year Society members return to campus to participate in Commencement activities and to induct the newest class, those celebrating their 50th Reunion. These valuable alumni offer a window to the past for our current graduates while they experience the opportunity of reliving their own special day with fellow alumni.  

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      Commencement is one of the most honored traditions at Dean College. Each year, members of the Dean Community come together to recognize graduating students for their extraordinary accomplishments both in and outside of the classroom. Students begin their journey to the Commencement area by walking across the bridge in the Campus Center, which is lined with all of the faculty and staff, who are there to applaud them for their accomplishments.

      The longest standing tradition for Commencement dates back to the days of Dean Academy, where graduating students walked under a trellis of wisteria prior to the ceremony. Those who walk under the wisteria are said to be bestowed with immortality and longevity. This tradition is still a significant part of the ceremony today. In addition, each graduate, faculty and staff member pat our bronze Boomer statue on the head as we process into the ceremony. Dean College gives any College staff the opportunity to give their child/family member the diploma at Commencement.

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      Other College Information & Programs

      New Student Orientation
      Dean's New Student Orientation(NSO) program is designed to prepare students for a successful introduction to college. NSO is a day-and-a-half long program that allows students to get to know their faculty and fellow students through fun activities, workshop and presentations as students begin the journey as a Bulldog. For families, NSO offers you the opportunity to ask questions about anything and everything.

      Grads Give
      Each year, members of the graduating class —associate and baccalaureate degrees — join together to make a gift to Dean College to show appreciation for all the class received as students as well as providing for future students.

      Faculty & Staff Giving
      Each year the faculty and staff of Dean College receive a challenge to make a gift to support the mission and efforts of Dean College. We are proud that our participation rate far exceeds most institutions.

      Scholarship Recipient/Donor Meetings
      Dean College currently awards more than 30 named scholarships each year. Institutional Advancement creates opportunities where many donors or living family members of the donor can meet the recipient(s) of these scholarship. This experience is equally rewarding to both the donor and the student.

      From the Red Demon to Boomer – Dean College’s Mascot
      The most important change during President Jack Dunn’s tenure came on February 9, 1994, in a grand ceremony known as Reaffirmation Day, when Dean Junior College was rechristened Dean College. Furthermore, the athletic teams were no longer to be known as the Dean Red Demons; a student contest yielded the new name, the Bulldogs, and Boomer the Bulldog became the new campus new mascot. 

      The Dean College Seal*
      The new academy seal was instituted in 1904. The first school seal had only the name “Dean” and the 1865 incorporation date. Superintendent Arthur W. “Awpie” Peirce and trustees secretary Rev. Dr. Hodge set up a committee to create a new seal, and settled on using the old Deane* Family coat of arms for the centerpiece. The committee reported that the seal “depicts in the lower portion a lion couchant with three crescents above. The crest shows a lion rampant with a crescent in his paw.” The committee chose to use the family’s motto as well, the Latin phrase: Forti Et Fideli Nihil Difficile (For the strong and faithful, nothing is difficult).  Crimson and white (or silver) were deemed the colors to be used for making the seal for plaques, diplomas, stationary, pins, and other memorabilia. 

      *The Deane family, from Chard, England, spelled their name with an “e”on the end.


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