Reaching unimagined heights at Dean College

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Below is a sampling of current student success stories, told in their own words. Click on the drop down menu to learn why these students chose Dean College.  

Theatre Major

Emma Abt

I really love the sense of community at Dean. The minute I stepped on campus I loved that the professors knew who I was. When you walk across campus you see people you know, and professors say hi to you. The campus has a nice, homey feeling. Theatre is something I’ve been doing all my life and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

There are so many options and opportunities available within the Theatre program at Dean. My favorite things about Dean is the opportunities available to get involved. Whether directing a theatre production or just helping out behind-the-scenes, there are many ways to get involved and to have a voice.

Business Major, History Minor, Mathematics Associate Degree

Vincent Buonaiuto

I originally chose Dean because I was interested in baseball, but once I took a tour of campus it just felt right. I especially liked how small the community is. Everyone knows one another and is so kind. Dean is a place where I feel welcome. I’m definitely getting out what I’m putting in at Dean. 

Dance Major

Isabella Curci

Dean is filled with professors who are very knowledgeable about the real world, especially the dance professors. They are always willing to share their experiences in the dance world and help us to accomplish our goals, even after we graduate.

Students in the Dance program at Dean get to experience training in many different styles and even get to learn things like pedagogy, which is how to teach dance. Everything I learned at Dean will help me reach all my goals and makes me very excited for the future.

Psychology Major

Destiny Edwards

I chose Dean because of the tight-knit community and the support that is available to students. The faculty and staff at Dean help you prepare for your future so I don't have to leave college and think "What do I do next?" I like the opportunities available to me. I am a community advisor (CA) am and involved with the Black Student Union, Black Speaks and Brave. I am looking forward to building new skills and meeting new people through my involvement on campus. 

Musical Theatre Major

Kelcie Haver

I chose Dean because of the community. Dean has a very small, tight-knit community with amazing people and faculty. I was looking for a school that would give me that friendly atmosphere, and Dean definitely has it.  My favorite thing about Dean is the amount of opportunities available to students, like clubs, performance opportunities and opportunities to go places and explore new things. 

Business Major, Psychology Minor

Janet Joseph

I chose to study business because I want to open my own business when I graduate. I was also really interested in psychology. After taking a few courses, I decided to make the program my minor.  

I chose Dean because it was close to my home and I liked the small school feel. It’s a close community so I felt like I’d be able to get in touch with the professors for 1-1 support.  

I am also a community advisor, which I like because the role helps me get in touch with my fellow residents and learn more about how great the community at Dean is.

Criminal Justice & Homeland Security Major

Lexie McMahon

Dean has helped prepare me for my future career by providing me with amazing opportunities to get involved on campus, including the Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Club. My professor Dr. Pete Savo has encouraged me to not only get more involved with anything I can, but has also helped me to become a better student. He motivates me to think outside the box and tells me that as long as I work hard, I can get anywhere I want to go. 

Communications Major

Glenn Morales

Dean has given me amazing opportunities in terms of learning and putting to use the skills I'll need to venture into the world of broadcast journalism. As a Communications major I have had the chance to work both in front of and behind the camera, something essential for anyone attempting to jump into this field. Learning how to work with a bevy of multi-media applications has exposed me to audio, video, script writing and many other skills. I feel blessed to be part of a program that is so willing to aid me in my success.

Dance Major, Pre-Athletic Training Associates Degree

Rebecca Murphy

As a Dance major at Dean, one of the best opportunities I experienced through Dean was my internship. I interned with Amanda Donahue the athletic trainer for dancers here at Dean. I learned how to care for and prevent dance related injuries. This was the perfect combination of my two worlds and I feel Amanda was a wonderful role model and mentor throughout the process. 

Communications Major

Kaylah Murray

Ever since I was about four years old I know I wanted to be a news anchor. During my college search, I found out that Dean College had one of the best Communications programs out there. 

I love how hands-on my Communications classes are. I can be on camera and I get to do behind the scenes things and edit segments - it’s a lot of fun.

Dance Major

Bailey Peicott

I have always been passionate about dance and knew that I wanted to have that passion for my career.  I chose the Dean College Dance program because it was the only program that I found to be versatile, having ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance options.  

My high school had a large population and I was very shy. I like the small, tight-knit community that Dean has to offer, and I feel like I have grown a lot as an individual during my time at Dean. I’ve taken advantage of a lot of opportunities at Dean, more than I would have received in a larger setting. 

Theatre Major, Arts and Entertainment Management Minor

Lily Plummer

As a Theatre major at Dean, I enjoy being a part of the technical theatre aspect of a performance because you are a part of the show from the very beginning to the very end. I just love watching the creative process and being involved in the creative process from all steps. 

I chose Dean because I really like the small campus. It’s the perfect place where you can meet people and you know everybody you don’t get lost in the numbers. 

My favorite thing about Dean is the people, which I know is a super generic answer, but I’ve met the best professors and amazing friends here and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Communications Major

Luke Smith

When I was touring colleges, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do yet. After taking a tour of Dean, I was immediately interested in the Power 88 radio station. Many of the colleges that I toured had media arts, but it was really Dean that made me feel like I would get something great out of the Communications program. I’m glad I chose Dean because I am currently the Director of Promotions for the radio station, which is pretty exciting.

I also started a club called Dean News Network. I work behind the cameras, making content that is released on YouTube. Having the opportunity to do something like this is really enriching for someone who wants to get involved in media, specifically video or audio. 

Communications Major

Emily Wallace '22 is a Communications major at Dean College. View the video below to learn more about how Emily is thriving at Dean. 

Sports Broadcasting Major

DJ Whaley

I’ve met a wide variety of people from different walks of life that have allowed me to gain insight and aspects about what I want to do for my future career. My favorite thing about Dean is the different programs available to students. Whether dances or guest speakers, it's just nice to be able to branch out and try different things and new activities