Reaching unimagined heights at Dean College

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Below is a sampling of current student success stories, told in their own words. Click on the drop down menu to learn why these students chose Dean College.

Business Management major


The reason I came to Dean is because it’s a small school and I think that’s best for me. I really like the environment of Dean in general. For me, it’s a dream come true to come to the United States to study.

Musical Theatre major

Ayman Boudrari

I chose Dean because I fell in love with the campus the first time I ever visited. It felt homey and a lot different than the other colleges I toured. I wanted a close-knit community, and I found that here. My favorite thing about being a Theatre major is how passionate everyone is about it. Back home, the theatre community isn’t very large, and it was so exciting to find a community of other theatre kids who are just as excited about it. It’s teaching me how to connect with people, how to make connections with others and how to build a future career.

Exercise Science major

Connor Corbett

I chose Dean for the student-to-teacher ratio – it’s way more one-on-one in the classroom than in other college settings. In the Exercise Science labs, it’s a lot easier to talk to my professors and get involved. They see you and they know your name, rather than you just being a number. In Dean Career Advantage classes, they talk about what you want to do with your life and how you want to achieve it – and then put the stepping stones out for you to get there.

English and Sport Management

Corey ‘Nunu’ Jackson ’25

There are so many opportunities here. I came for athletics, but I’ve learned so many good things about this campus. As an English major, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, so I’m enjoying learning how to grade and evaluate essays. I’m also getting to know the coaching side of athletics, which is so beneficial. I have so many favorite things about Dean, but I love how everyone is a family here.

Dance major

Trevor McConnaughey

I chose Dean just because the community is so good here. All our professors are active in the dance industry, and they’ve given me insight into what I need to succeed. I’ve been able to broaden my horizons technically as a dancer, and it’s exciting to see all this progress in only my first year. Dean is also helping me put myself out there, doing clubs and performances outside my comfort zone. I’ve learned that excellence isn’t built on convenience and good things come out of taking risks. I love being with people who have the same passion as me and finding a community of dancers. I also love the performance opportunities, working with the faculty, being able to choreograph and being in student pieces too.

Criminal Justice and Homeland Security major, Dance minor

Bree Gazaille

I chose Dean for the support. I’m in the Arch program, and this was the only school that accepted the way that I learn instead of how other people learn. It’s helping me explore my strengths, build on my weaknesses, and work on my professionalism, work ethic and time management.

My favorite thing about Dean is the people. We’re like a family. We all come together no matter what. Everyone will say hi to you even if you don’t know them, and if you’re upset, everyone will make sure you’re okay. The professors will take you under their wing. They‘ve all had professional careers, so they’re willing to make connections and get you where you need to go. Everyone is willing to help in every way.

Dance and Business Management major

Maddie Frechette

I chose Dean because out of all the schools I toured, it had the most communal feel. It also had great ties to surrounding organizations, like Kraft Sports + Entertainment, that really pulled me in for internship experiences and potential post-grad jobs. I’m double majoring in Dance and Business Management because I hope to work in a marketing setting full-time and also have opportunities to do some performances on nights or weekends. My favorite thing about being a Dance major is all the performance opportunities we get. Our curtain opens 52 times a year, so there’s always a chance for you to get out and do what you love, whether that’s being a choreographer or a performer. All my Dance faculty have had real experiences, whether that be working in Disney as a performer or on cruise ships, so having those experiences passed down to us has made such a big difference. My favorite thing about being a Business major is that all of our faculty do a great job at putting what we learn into real-life context. We’ve seen real spreadsheets from different companies and businesses that really put things into context and showed what the classes would be like in a real-life setting. Our faculty has made the world of a difference. To me, The Dean Difference is that sense of community that you’re always in. You never feel like you’re out of place, you always feel like you’re part of one big family, and that is always a constant and always a given.

Biology major

Ethan Moeller

I chose Dean because I’m from the area and they take the GI bill. After taking a Human Biology class my first year, I was so interested and engaged that I realized this was what I wanted to learn about. As a Biology major, Dean is helping me prepare for my future in so many ways. The major itself covers every aspect of Biology, so I am able to dig into all the different branches and get a better understanding of what areas I want to do an internship in or even get a master’s degree in. There are just so many things I can do with this degree after graduating from college.

Psychology major

Alexandra Bezio

I chose Dean because of the small-knit community. I really liked the community around Franklin, and I liked that you could have a one-on-one relationship with your professors rather than in a big lecture hall. All the professors are super nice and care about the person rather than just the grade. They put you over your grades and your schoolwork. As I prepare for the future, all of Dean’s programs – from Dean Career Advantage to extracurriculars around campus to all of the job fairs – have helped guide me in the direction I want to go.

Dance major, Psychology minor

Anaia Coyode

Coming to Dean was the best decision that ever happened. I chose to come to Dean because I knew I wanted to dance but I also wanted to be involved in academics. A lot of arts schools are conservatory-based so you can’t do that, but Dean was a melting pot of everything I was interested in.

In the Dance program specifically, a lot of my professors have had professional careers in dance, which helps me understand what’s going to happen when I graduate and start my own career. Being exposed to different subjects throughout my courses has given me a diverse education and helped me improve my critical thinking skills.

Theatre major, Arts and Entertainment Management minor


I chose Dean because as a transfer student, it was really difficult to find a school where I didn’t have to start from square one with my Musical Theatre degree and I could also do a minor and study abroad. But Dean checked all the boxes and had a wonderful atmosphere.

The people are what make Dean different. Everyone on campus is truly nice, and that includes the faculty, staff, professors and other students. All the performance opportunities are fantastic and all the classes in the Musical Theatre concentration push you in the correct direction. The classes and training really prepare you for the real world. From voice lessons to audition strategies, I’ve learned every single thing I could need to get my career going every step of the way.

Business Management & Sport Management major

Jada Fields '23

I chose Dean because I love the community and the environment – everyone is so nice and friendly. My favorite thing about being a Business Management and Sport Management double major is how involved you can be with them on campus. A lot of the business professors have helped me reach out for internships and other opportunities, and as a dual athlete, a lot of my coaches have helped me find jobs in sports and athletics. I was even able to intern on campus with Ryan Emerson, the assistant athletic director. I definitely have a lot of opportunities from people who push me in the direction of my goals, which is to work in finance with a professional sports team.

Sports Broadcasting major

George Hathaway '23

I knew from the moment I stepped foot on campus that I would get all the opportunities that I want to have and get on the mic right away. My favorite thing is that I am able to do what I love – broadcasting. We’ve done over 100 games this year for Dean Athletics. Taking play-by-play classes and other Sports Broadcasting classes helps me get out into the workforce and find opportunities with internships and jobs. This summer, I’ll be broadcasting for the Palm Springs Power League in Palm Springs, California. I’m excited to travel, expand my network and meet new people in the field.

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Sport Management major

Angel Rivera

I chose Dean because I wanted to be a unique student on campus. At other, bigger schools, you have large class numbers, but Dean is a close-knit school and you can do your own thing. My favorite part about the Sport Management program is the partnership with Kraft Sports + Entertainment and all the internships and job opportunities available after you graduate.

Dance and Psychology major

Tambre Keene

I chose Dean because I really liked the campus and how homey it felt. It reminded me of home, so I felt comfortable. I love to dance, I do it every day, and I’m able to work on myself constantly. But I’ve always loved psychology as well. My favorite thing is learning about the mind and being able to actively use what I learn in class outside of class. My professors are also very helpful, especially with what life outside Dean is like. Their feedback and how supportive they are makes leaving Dean not so scary.

Technical Theatre major

Robbie Seeley

While I was on a tour here at Dean, I was lucky enough to meet and make a connection with some of the theatre professors. These professors were what ultimately lead me to choosing Dean. They were very welcoming my first year and have always been great mentors along the way. Dean has also given me opportunities and connections that are a great jumping off point for my career. I was the stage manager for I Hate Hamlet, and I’ll never forget building a 19-foot-tall set and creating a close relationship with that cast. We worked hard and created a play that we wanted to perform every day. I was also able to help our technical director, Jim Beauregard, start his own theatre company, which has allowed me to gain real-world experience and have fun while doing it.

Dance and Arts and Entertainment Management double major

Mariah Sheirer

I chose Dean because it was the only school that allowed me to double major in both my favorite things. I’ve been dancing my entire life and I wanted to continue to study dance, but I also wanted to understand the business side of the entertainment world in case I ever have to stop performing.

The professors at Dean are very welcoming and they want to see you succeed. Through my Dance major, I have the opportunity to perform and choreograph every semester. Through my Arts and Entertainment Management major, I have so many networking opportunities from my professors and have learned so much about the business side of entertainment.

To me, the thing that makes Dean different is the faculty. They’re so willing to make personal connections with you, and you just get a great one-on-one experience.

Psychology major, Justice Studies minor

Madison Votas

I chose Dean because it was a really welcoming community when I took a campus tour and just seemed like a happy place to be. There’s such a sense of community. I love that you’re able to talk to people you’ve never met before and feel like you’re naturally friends already.

I knew through my experience working with elementary school kids and their parents that Psychology was going to play a key role in my future no matter what I decided to do. My favorite thing about being a Psychology major is being able to apply what I’ve learned in class to the real world, helping me better understand other people and their different points of view.

Dance and Health Science major

Hayley White

I chose Dean because the close-knit community was something I wanted to be a part of. I have two different passions, and my double major is a way for me to apply them both. In the Dance major, you’re really able to develop yourself as an artist as well as a performer, and you get many different opportunities to do that. I also love my Health Science major because you get a lot of time in lecture and in lab, so you have a lot of real-life application. Student life at Dean is also very busy, so while you have so many opportunities, it teaches you a lot of lessons about time management and prioritization. It really makes you think about how life will be after college.