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What is Dean Career Advantage?

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Dean Career Advantage (DCA) is a holistic approach that incorporates career preparation into everything you do, starting from your first day on campus through graduation and beyond. Through academic and DCA-specific courses, co-curricular opportunities and the support of mentors and advisors, you’ll gain valuable real-world experience, learn how to stand out in a competitive job and graduate school market, and build essential skills that employers are looking for, including communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, work ethic, and global and intercultural fluency. In an ever-changing job market, DCA will ensure that you feel ready to enter the professional field, from your first job throughout your entire career.

Dean College Career Advantage

Outcomes By The Numbers

Career & Educational Excellence

Dean College offers educational programs and unique opportunities to help you prepare for internships, careers and graduate school.
  • Earned national recognition as a Career Development College of Distinction in 2023-24 for the fifth consecutive year
  • Dean Leadership Institute provides numerous opportunities to learn from and network with regional and national business leaders through the Executive Lecture Series, Leadership in Action series and additional events and programs.
  • Network with industry leaders, gain exclusive learning opportunities and pursue internships through The Center for Business, Entertainment and Sport Management.
  • Pursue an advanced degree after Dean through one of our master degree affiliation programs.