Prepare for an exciting career in advertising, journalism, the arts and beyond with an associate or bachelor’s degree in English from Dean College.

Strong and creative communicators are always in high demand. With a degree in English from Dean College, you’ll have what it takes to thrive in content-driven industries like journalism, advertising and entertainment or pursue opportunities in research, editing, publishing and teaching.  

Program Overview

Great writers and critical thinkers aren’t born; they’re taught. In both of the English degree programs at Dean College, you’ll study the masterworks of British and American literature. You’ll learn the craft and artistry of writing nonfiction and fiction. And you’ll develop the essential skills of critical questioning and creative self-expression. 

The English curriculum offers tremendous flexibility to focus either on literary analysis or creative writing, and includes core courses and electives like:

  • Critical Theory
  • Studies in the Short Story
  • Advanced Essay Writing
  • U.S. Latino Literature
  • Introduction to Journalism
  • Writing for Managers

At Dean, you’ll benefit from small classes, caring and accomplished professors who know your strengths and career goals, and a campus that prizes creativity, intellectual exploration, and the arts. 

Beyond the Classroom

An associate or bachelor’s degree in English is an excellent foundation for further study, including graduate and professional schools. Options include master’s programs in literature or library science, fine arts degrees in creative writing, journalism school, film school, and more. It all starts at Dean. 

Uniquely Dean

What makes our English program best of breed? 

  • Complete a for-credit internship with a local or regional media or publishing firm. 
  • Engage with professors and classmates in small, discussion-based classes and seminars.
  • Dive deeply into literary criticism or creative writing while receiving a well-rounded Dean College liberal arts education.  

Degree Offerings

  • Bachelor's Degree*
  • Associate Degree

*The course listing below is based on the Bachelor's Degree program.

English Courses

Course Number Course Title Credits
LAS 111 Introduction to the Liberal Arts 3
ENG 101 As Good As Your Word 3
ENG 220, ENG 222, or ENG 223 Creative Writing Elective (Non-Fiction, Fiction, or Poetry) 3
ENG XXX Genre Literature Elective - *See Academic Catalog for course selection 3
ENG XXX Thematic Literature Elective - *See Academic Catalog for course selection 3
ENG XXX Period Literature Electives - *See Academic Catalog for course selection 6
Any 200 or 300-level ENG elective, COM 211, COM 332, or THA 411 English Major Electives - *See Academic Catalog for course selection 15
LAS 415 Critical Theory 3
DCA 200 Internship Connections: Creating Your Plan 1
DCA 300 The Internship Experience 2
ENG 450 Senior Seminar 3
ENG 495 Senior Capstone 3
Total Credits 48

Course Number Course Title Credits
ENG 111 Composition I 3
ENG 112 Composition II 3
SPC 101 Communication Fundamentals 3
MATH ELECTIVE Core Mathematics Elective 3
LAB SCIENCE ELECTIVE Core Lab Science Elective 4
ARTS ELECTIVE Core Distribution Arts Elective 3
HUMANITIES ELECTIVE Core Distribution Humanities Elective 3
NATURAL SCIENCES AND MATH ELECTIVE Core Distribution Natural Sciences and Mathematics Elective 3
SOCIAL SCIENCES ELECTIVE Core Distribution Social Sciences Elective 3
ENG 320 Advanced Essay Writing 3
COM 327 Applied Professional Communication 3
ELE Upper-Division Liberal Arts Electives 9
Total Credits 43

Course Number Course Title Credits
ELE Open Electives 30
Total Credits 30

* Subject to change
** Based on the Dean College Academic Catalog 2018-19