Did you know that we have a student-run newspaper called the Dean Daily? The newspaper covers topics from sports to pop culture to campus news and more. We sat down with Anna P. ’21, editor of the Dean Daily, to learn more about her role and the newspaper.

Q: Tell us about yourself.

A: I am currently a senior at Dean College double majoring in Arts & Entertainment Management and Business Administration. In a typical semester, I am the student box office manager for the School of Arts and School of Dance. Currently, I am a community advisor, the senior advisor for the Resident Student Association, and I am also the editor of the Dean Daily.

Q: What made you decide to get involved with the Dean Daily? 

A: Being a part of the Dean Daily is a way to make sure that the Dean College community is heard. I stepped into the role of editor to exercise my skills in team management and professional communication. This role has given me the opportunity to help the writers on our team in exercising their own writing skills, challenging them wherever I can. I love being a part of such an amazing group of individuals.

Q: As the editor of the newspaper, what are your daily tasks?  

A: Every morning, I refresh the Dean Daily website. It’s my job to keep track of which articles are getting the most views and which writers are writing the most, but every day looks different. Some days I am reaching out to writers individually about current events; scrolling through news sites for current events has become part of my daily routine. Other days I find myself reaching out to other organizations and Dean faculty members for their own contribution to the Dean Daily.

Q: What is your favorite aspect about being a part of the Dean Daily?

A: The best part about my role on this team is the opportunity to lead the ship. The writers on this staff are so excited to get their feet wet, try new things and gain experience in journalism. Seeing their excitement about campus events and national news is heartwarming and inspiring. The fact that I have the opportunity to challenge them and see them grow is definitely the best part about being editor.

Q: What skills have you learned from your role and how will you use these skills in your future career?

A: This role has given me a chance to strengthen my own skills in team and project management, professional communication and student development. I have learned all these skills and more through my various leadership roles on campus. After I graduate in May, I will use these skills in every job that I take, whether it is through retail management or human resource management.

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