Internship Resources

  • The Dean Approach

    The more a student can augment their resume with real-world experience, the more they can differentiate themselves from the competition. At Dean College, our students can pursue many internship opportunities on-campus to help them gain this critical experience.

    During the internship, students apply classroom theories and leadership experience to real-world professional practice. An internship is work-based learning for academic credit and can be paid or unpaid.

    All Bachelors' level students must complete both the internship preparation course, for one credit followed by at least one, 2-credit internship prior to graduation. Students are encouraged to complete up to five internships while at Dean. Credit is awarded through the internship course that runs simultaneously with the work-based experience. The online course helps students reflect on their work place experiences, tying it into the academic learning objectives.

    In addition, Dean's Summer LEAD Program offers students an opportunity to pursue a paid on-campus internship, even when school is not in session.

    College Credits and Work Hours

    Dean College provides flexibility for students and employer partners regarding the internship hours and corresponding academic credits. Students can complete an internship worth 3 to 15 credits. This allows us to work with both students and employers to better satisfy mutually beneficial goals.

    Benefits for Students

    • Earn college credit while gaining real-world experience
    • Opportunity to "test drive" the career
    • Apply what is learned in the classroom to the actual work setting
    • Apply what is learned at work to the classroom
    • Learn new perspectives and skills from professionals in the field
    • Develop a "work ready" approach
    • Networking and resume building
    • Connected to an Internship class that helps connect the theory to practice

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