Pyramid of Roles

  • Academic Support Services

    College, Parent and Student Responsibilities

    As parents and educators, we both have a vested interest in the success of our students. To assist in a student's development during their tenure at Dean College, we have developed the Pyramid of Roles and Responsibilities, which helps to define the role of the three parties most responsible for a student's success -- students, their families and Dean College.

    Throughout a student's time at Dean, they are provided with unparalleled academic advising that includes mandatory advising, progress reports, academic monitoring, an online learning alert system and working with parents as part of the learning triangle. In addition, Dean focuses on teaching students not only what to learn but how to learn. 

    The Dean Difference is our differentiator through a student's entire tenure at the College. Personal attention is the constant and the preparation goals are divided into two parts.

    Pyramid of Roles & Responsibilities

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