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  • New England Summer Dance Intensive Returns to Dean College

    Last year, the New England Summer Dance Intensive was held for the first time at Dean College. This rigorous program was geared towards serious 14-18 year old students who are dedicated to a future in dance or the performing arts. The response to the program was so great, that it was a no-brainer for Dean College the offer the program again in 2014.

    Building on the success of the program, the two-week overnight dance intensive will give dancers a wide variety of training, focusing on ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, and choreography. We're busy lining up faculty from the top dance programs in New England such as Boston Conservatory, Boston University, Palladino School of Dance at Dean College, and many more, not to mention fantastic guest artists. Last year we brought in Jay-T Jenkins, who has worked with famous musicians such as Jenifer Lopez!!

    If you're considering a summer dance intensive, review the following course descriptions and be sure to check out the dance intensive web page.

    A foundational daily technique emphasizing balance, dynamic strength, clarity of line, elevation, musicality and artistry.

    A central part of college curriculum, you will be exposed to both contemporary and traditional techniques. Modern dance develops spatial and body awareness, anatomically correct alignment, qualitative range of movement, core strength, and creativity.

    Jazz dance was born in America of African parents. Students will learn the roots of jazz dance while developing strength, coordination, speed, increasingly complex locomotive skills, endurance, and polyrhythmic isolations.

    Classes in Hip Hop will expose students to a grounded, quick use of the body that breaks and flows around lines of energy. Students will learn the history of Hip Hop as they study today’s signature movement style.

    This class focuses on terminology, clarity of sounds, varied rhythmic patterns, concentration and focus. It is also a great deal of fun.

    This course is designed to teach students the basic elements of dance composition, including use of time, space, energy, and thematic structure. Students will experience improvisation and be given tools necessary to create original solos that showcase their individuality. Students will also have the opportunity to create group works.

    This course engages the student with new points of entry into the creative process, new ways of moving, and collaborative, often surprising, ways of partnering. Joining others in weight shifts, lifts, and using gravity, we find that the possibilities of moving and being moved are multiplied by each body in the room.

    A class that provides the ballet dancer with the skills necessary to execute classical ballet on pointe.

    Exciting workshops are offered on weekends and many weekdays of the program. Here are examples of a few opportunities—Acting techniques for the dancer, yoga, portfolio development, headshots workshop, academic advising, college dance programs in New England, career planning, and etc.

    During this time, you have access to the studios to develop solo and group choreography, as well as explore ideas from coursework.

    On the final Friday of the program, we celebrate your growth over the intensive in our new state of the art main stage theater.  Your talents are showcased with demonstrations of in-class work, solos, and group choreography. 

    Ready to learn more? Click here for more details on the summer dance intensive, which runs from July 13-25, 2014.

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