The Dean Difference

  • The Dean Difference isn’t any one thing. It’s not a program or a professor. It’s not a single class or a club. It’s the way our academics, support networks and community overlap, interweave and magnify each other. Our difference unites us. It’s our secret formula. It’s the nucleus around which we orbit. It isn’t one thing. It’s everything.

    Education That's More About You   

    Dean differenceAt Dean College we meet students where they are and help them to achieve their academic goals and career dreams by integrating core knowledge and marketable career skills with real-world learning and internship opportunities. From our small class sizes to personalized attention to our strong emphasis on individualized learning, Dean prides itself on helping to make a positive difference in our students' lives.  

    Our academic program is built on three strong pillars:

    Majors Wheel GraphThe College Core

    Core courses provide a broad foundation for your future, no matter what major you choose. With classes ranging from writing to wellness to financial literacy, the College Core introduces you to college life and gives you the tools you’ll need to succeed.

    Your Major

    Based on your major, you will be researching, reading and learning about the most up-to-date practices in your field of study. Whether it is a new dance style, a new program for accounting or a new technique for studying the human mentality. For you, this will be the most exciting courses at your time at Dean.

    Elective Courses

    Electives give you the opportunity to explore an area of interest beyond your major. A business major might take a studio art class, for instance, while a dance student might explore an interest in American history. Along the way, you expand your knowledge base and discover more about the world.

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  • The best part about Dean College is the friends that I have made here.

    Bobby Hanna '16

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