Sports broadcasting major on air at a radio station

Sports broadcasting is one career field that people who love sports flock to. While there are plenty of other options in the wide world of sports, such as management, many sports lovers who don’t want to end up on the field enjoy being behind the microphone. In a field that encompasses everything from live play-by-plays to post-game interviews, majoring in sports broadcasting provides you with the chance to do what you love.

Looking for more reasons to major in the field? Check out our top five!

1. You’ll See Plenty of Live Sporting Events

Obviously, someone who wants to work in sports broadcasting loves sports in general. There’s nothing like being behind the scenes at a live sporting event, whether it’s soccer, baseball, basketball, football or any other option. Sports broadcasters get the chance to be there in person.

2. You’ll Meet the Players and Coaches

Although some sports broadcasters stay up in the news booth with their colleagues, others get to be on the field or in the locker room, asking the players and coaches questions before and after the game. What’s better than being at the game itself? Getting to know the people on the field. This is something that many sports broadcasters get to do, depending on their roles, of course.

3. You’ll Make Money Doing What You Love

A love of sports is one thing that all sports broadcasters share, and there’s nothing like getting to make a living doing what you love. The enjoyment of sports is echoed in the many things that broadcasters get to announce, whether it’s through play-by-play, sharing facts and figures about the players and team, or asking informed questions about playing time and record status.

4. The Field is Constantly Growing

Sports media is one field that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The field is continuing to grow, especially with the popularity of esports, which also has people doing game commentary and play-by-play. Although this is a little different than traditional sports broadcasting, it’s a sign that the field continues to grow and evolve over time.

5. People Will Enjoy Listening to Your Expertise

The more you know about the sports that you’re discussing, the better, and your expertise will show in your live or taped broadcasts. You’ll gain fans who like the way that you describe the action on the field and the ways in which you always have an important fact on hand to share with the audience. There’s nothing quite like connecting with people that you have things in common with.

Planning to Major in Sports Broadcasting?

If you want to major in sports broadcasting, then check out the our Sports Broadcasting program. Students will learn all the skills that they need to excel in the field and even have the chance to spend some time interning for a local radio or television station in order to get professional experience. If you love sports, a career in sports broadcasting will never disappoint.