tennis equipment representing some jobs that involve sports

Want to work in sports behind the scenes, instead of on the field? Sports teams, no matter their level of professional status, need people to handle a number of different jobs. A degree in Sport Management, Sports Broadcasting, Exercise Science or Athletic Coaching and Recreation Management can help sports fanatics find a way to move into a career in the field they love, without having to be the person throwing or catching the ball.

All of the people working these jobs that involve sports play an important role in a team’s success.

Athletic Trainers

Athletic trainers are involved in making sure that the players are in top condition. They lead calisthenics and warm-up and cool-down sessions, as well as work with the players to enhance their skills on the field and the court. They play a crucial role in keeping the players healthy and safe from injury. In order to work as a certified athletic trainer, you’ll need an advanced degree in exercise science, kinesiology or physical therapy. You can start on this path by getting a degree from Dean College in Exercise Science or a related field.

Physical Therapists

Injured players, or those who are dealing with nagging pain and old injuries, need the expertise of physical therapists. In order to work in this specialized field, you need to have an advanced degree in physical therapy – and a degree in Exercise Science from Dean College will help set you up for graduate school in this field. Having knowledge of sports and the movements required to play the game helps as well, and some physical therapists, particularly those who want to work for a sports team, have studied sport management as well.

Sports Psychologists

A sports psychologist, on the other hand, usually has a doctorate in psychology, as well as some specialized sports knowledge. Those who work in this field either work with a certain team, or they have a practice to work with numerous teams in one city. In addition to psychology, a sports psychologist may also want to study Sport Management, because that provides them with the specialized knowledge required to help players who are having issues on and off the field. Sports psychologists can help players address a lack of focus, anxiety, or any other psychological problem they may be dealing with.

Sports Agents

While the world of sports agents may not be as exciting as the movies make it seem, it is an important job for those who want to be involved in sports. Sports agents advocate for their players, finding them teams to interview with and play for, as well as handle all individual sponsorship opportunities and ensure that the player’s public relations team is doing their job.


Obsessed with sports stats? You aren’t alone. Sports statisticians, who keep track of every number to produce a player’s batting average or throw completion stats, enjoy them as well. Not only do these statisticians stay in the present with those numbers, but they also use algorithms to predict what will happen in the future. Many either work behind the scenes tracking and predicting an athlete’s performance or back in the team office, working on the financial numbers. If you love math and like working with numbers, this a great job that involves sports.

Sports Broadcasters

Love talking about sports? Try doing it for a living. Sports broadcasters call the plays and analyze the games as they air on television or on the radio. Play-by-play broadcasters tell you exactly what’s happening on the field in the moment, while analysts or color commentators give you some insight or context into specific plays, players or the game as a whole. They often work closely with sports statisticians as well to make sure they have the most up-to-date stats and facts during the game. If you’re interested in becoming a sports broadcaster, a Sports Broadcasting degree in Dean College will give you the on-air experience you need to start a successful career.

General Managers

Don’t confuse general managers with the managers or coaches (depending on the sport) that you see on the field with the players. Instead, general managers remain behind the scenes, working to set company goals, handle players and their agents, oversee scouting, and making sure that every position, both on and off the field, is filled with people doing their jobs. It’s a big career move that people often work their way up to, but it’s possible with a Sport Management degree.

There are a number of jobs that involve sports, but the first step is getting involved in a degree program like Sport Management, Sports Broadcasting, Exercise Science, Athletic Coaching and Recreation Management and more. Learn more, today!