Students in one of our certificate programs, learning in a classroom.

Sometimes, all you need is a tiny step in the right direction! Consider taking that step by diving into a certificate program at Dean College. Although, in some cases, these certificates are seen as the academic beginnings of a more advanced degree program (since they open the door to more focused study opportunities in a particular topic), they are also a way to boost your career. Choosing a certificate program in your current field, like human resources management, cyber security, or accounting, can help you fast track your success in numerous ways. 

Want to know what a certificate program can do for you? Here are the top five ways you can get a jumpstart on your career goals. 

1) Your Knowledge Will Remain Current

Continuing education courses are one of the biggest benefits of signing up for a certificate program. There are plenty of careers that require you to keep up with new and updated knowledge in your field, whether your boss wants you to continue learning or you need to keep your professional license up to date. After all, in order to stay competitive, you want to stay abreast of any new developments in your field, so you can apply this updated information to your daily work life. 

2) You’ll Make Important Connections in Your Field

Networking is especially important. If you’re the type of person who finds it difficult to enjoy conferences and business organization meetings, then you probably have a tough time networking as well. This presents a problem because in order to move ahead in your field and possibly qualify for a better position at a different company, you’ll often need to know the right people. Thankfully, during your time at Dean you’ll be surrounded by likeminded students, some of whom may work for your dream company. Plus, many courses are taught by experienced individuals in those particular fields, who work as consultants or simply teach in their spare time. Making these connections can ultimately be the boost your career needs.

3) It Shows Your Boss You’re Willing to Grow

Impressing your boss should be on your radar. Being flexible, by taking on any tasks offered to you and attending courses so you learn more about your current field, are two ways to show your boss that you are dedicated to moving up the corporate ladder. If you’re truly serious about your career path and want to stay in that same field for years to come, making a name for yourself as a “go-getter” with your boss should be at the top of your list.

4) You May Receive a Promotion and Raise

Speaking of impressing your boss, earning a certificate can also help you get that promotion and raise that you’ve been secreting wanting. Once you show your boss that you can handle upgraded tasks and are willing to learn more, they’ll be more likely to reward your hard work. Plus, if you want to change your career path slightly at your current job, there’s nothing quite like enhancing your knowledge and becoming a more well-rounded and knowledgeable employee. For example, with a certificate in accounting, a receptionist or administrative assistance may become a junior bookkeeper. 

5) You Can Incorporate What You Learn at Work

There’s nothing more rewarding than taking knowledge directly from the classroom to the office. In fact, some of the certificate programs offered at Dean College are designed for this very purpose. For example, if you want to gain some insight on marketing or management so you can improve your work performance, then obtaining a certificate in business management is the way to go. It will provide you with a good foundation of skills and a new knowledge base that you can utilize right away. 

Ready to take that tiny first step? Certificate programs at Dean College await. Build your knowledge and skill base to boost your career and make yourself an invaluable employee.