Dean College Dance Majors stretching before class

High school students who want to be professional dancers, or at least work in the industry in some capacity, have a decision to make. They can either join the professional dance world right after high school, getting a job with a dance company, or attend college, where they can major in dance.

There are many different reasons why someone would choose the latter, from enhancing their skills to learning about plenty of related topics. In fact, it can be quite beneficial to choose to earn a BFA in dance.

1. Hone Your Artistry

Heading straight into a professional dance program may not provide you with the chances to do choreography or develop your own show. Since you’ll be at the bottom of the professional ladder, you’ll have to work your way towards these opportunities. Thankfully, in a college dance program, there are plenty of chances to expand upon your own artistry. From choreographing to learning new forms of dance and more, you can do it all.

2. Work with Guest Dancers from the Professional World

Sure, you’ll meet with a lot of famous professional dancers when you’re one of them, but will you have the chance to meet with and learn from those in other forms of dance? For example, if you specialize in ballet and go pro, you’ll only work with other ballerinas. If you want to learn more about different forms of dance from those guest dancers, then your best chance to do so in a college dance major program.

3. Make Plenty of Useful Connections

It helps to have connections in the industry, especially if you want to become a professional dancer. Enrolling in a college dance program helps with this. You’ll have time to get to know your professors, as well as any guest artists. Your classmates, as well as anyone else you encounter while interning or perfecting your technique for a show, count as well.

4. Learn Skills to Prevent Injury

Dancers know that injuries happen. Spending so much time on your feet, whether you’re rehearsing, taking a class or performing on stage, can add up to injuries to your muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons. In college, you’ll have access to your school’s medical team, who can teach you the physical therapy techniques and exercises that you’ll need to handle some of the less-dangerous injuries on your own, as well as help you prevent them in the first place.

5. Gain Related Skills

Not all dancers end up on stage. If you’d prefer to run a dance school, be in charge of a dance program or just teach dance to young children, then you’ll need a college degree that includes some of these skills.

Want to Major in Dance?

Have you decided that majoring in dance is the right thing for you? Check out Dean College’s Schools of Performing Arts. Our Bachelor of Fine Arts program might be just the thing that you’re looking for. We’ll prepare you for the future, whether that’s onstage or training others!