students at Dean College taking part in a summer academic program

When it comes to finding things for your teenagers to do over the summer, remember that summer academic programs, like the ones offered by Dean College, are an option. Not only will students have the chance to get a taste of college life by living in dorms and hanging out with their fellow attendees, but they’ll also learn quite a bit as well. That’s because these programs are designed to be academic in nature.

What does this mean? Keep reading to find out!

Courses Taught by Experts

There’s nothing that shouts “college” and “learning” quite like attending lectures and taking courses taught by experts in the field. This is exactly what students enrolled in the Dean College summer academic programs will do. With two options to choose from, either forensics or sports broadcasting, students will find themselves in the classroom, complete with assigned readings and other work. Since it’s in a subject that they love, it isn’t seen as work, right? Right!

Time in the Lab

Students in the forensics summer program will have to spend some time in the lab, learning more about forensics in general. By the end of the program, they’ll be able to identify and study blood spatter, take and analyze fingerprints, and have a good idea of how to gather and use trace evidence to solve a crime. The hands-on learning makes it fun.

Making a Reel

On the other hand, students in the sports broadcasting summer program will end up in an anchor or reporting booth instead of the lab. As a part of this program, students make a reel that they can use to audition for real jobs and will have the chance to do live play-by-play of a sporting event. They’ll also get to tour stadiums and spend plenty of time behind the scenes.

Completing a Project

At the end of each weeklong summer academic program, students will complete a project. This is the culmination of everything that they’ve learned in the program, and it allows them to put all of their new skills and knowledge to good use. The project is much more than a college assignment and is something that the students will find as enjoyable as learning more about a field that they want to enter.

Earning College Credit

Once that project is completed successfully, students are able to earn college credit for finishing the program. This credit is good at Dean College (should students choose to enroll here) or at most other accredited colleges. It’s a great reward for all of their hard work.

Consider a Summer Academic Program at Dean College

If your high schooler wants to do something academic during their summer break, then look no further than Dean College. With summer academic programs in forensics and sports broadcasting, students will get a taste of college life, have the chance to earn college credits, and most importantly, learning something about the field that they want their future careers to be in.