Are you an active, highly motivated high schooler? High school students looking for something more to do with their summer should consider enrolling in one of our summer programs located right here in Massachusetts. These pre-college programs are designed to give students a real-life taste of college life while also allowing them to explore their interests, from sports broadcasting, sport management or forensics. Luckily, Dean College offers several different programs for eager high school students, each of which lasts for a few weeks.

Pre-College Summer Programs

Dean College runs pre-college summer programs in several fields. Options include sport management, sports broadcasting, and forensics. Each takes place from July 27 through August 7, and students have the option of living on campus (for the full “college experience”) or commuting. Those who live on campus will discover what college is all about – from dorm life to participating in plenty of fun activities, such as attending sporting events. And yes, cafeteria food is included as well! Like we said, it’s the full experience! Also, students can earn college credits in whichever program they choose. 

Sport Management 

Those who choose sport management learn all about perfecting their sales pitch while receiving a basic introduction to the career field. Students complete a capstone project at the end of the session, where they put themselves in the shoes of a sports franchise owner and make several big decisions. 

Sports Broadcasting

Another option for sports fans, our sports broadcasting program puts students in the press booth. By the end of this two-week session, participants will have professional broadcast demo reels, having handled on-air interviews and event play-by-plays. A number of industry professionals, appearing as guest lecturers, will also teach students more about the field.


Finally, there’s the forensics program. High schoolers who think that they might want to enter this field get to spend some time in a lab, exploring things like blood spatter analysis, forensic pathology, and trace evidence analysis. Like the other summer programs, experts in the field will give guest lectures, and students even get to tour the Franklin Police Station, going behind the scenes and finding their passion.

As you can see, summer programs for students at Dean College are all-inclusive, hands-on, and involve much more than simply sitting in a classroom with a textbook. Participating high schoolers are afforded the unique opportunity to earn college credits while simultaneously enjoying a little taste of college life – and exploring different fields they might like to pursue at the same time. 

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