Dean College dance students performing onstage

Do you currently advocate for the arts? If you love and enjoy them, particularly dance, then you more than likely want to spread the word and do your part to make the medium grow. How can you be a more effective advocate for the arts? It all starts with getting a degree in one of the arts that you love: dance.

Who Should Advocate for the Arts?

While anyone can advocate for the arts, whether they love attending theatre performances or find themselves the ones on stage performing for a crowd, those who make a career out of acting, dancing, singing, or any combination of the arts have a larger impact. They can describe what it takes to hone their craft, as well as what it feels like to make a living on stage.

Who Do Arts Advocates Speak To?

In general, arts advocates speak to the ones in charge. They reach out to potential and current donors, as well as the representatives of governmental organizations who provide grant funding to various arts programs. On top of this, they also talk to ordinary people, whether they regularly attend performances or not, in order to spread awareness and the need for the arts. Also, they may find themselves speaking to dance teachers, at dance schools, or even to crowds of students at public or private schools, trying to promote their craft.

How Can You Help?

If you want to use your dance degree in order to advocate for the arts, here are some suggestions that can help promote their existence:

  • Put On Performances – By performing, you’re literally showing people what’s good about the arts. There’s no better way to advocate than by getting up on stage in front of an audience. However, you might want to consider putting together fundraising or awareness programs that people can attend. Allow them to see just how great dance can be.
  • Speak to Donors and Interested Audiences – In addition to performances, you can also give public speeches about the importance of funding the arts. Going around and giving talks to potential donors, grant funders, and anyone else who may be interested is an effective way to be an advocate for something that you love.
  • Teach People How to Dance – There’s nothing better than teaching people to do something that you love. Whether you want to teach dance classes as part of an advocacy or awareness campaign or simply as a way to get more people out there dancing, it’s up to you. Just be prepared to watch people find something that they enjoy: being on the dance floor.

Are you Thinking About Earning a Dance Degree?

When it comes to dance degree programs, you want one that’s versatile. On top of the many dance and movement courses, you also need to prepare yourself for a career off the stage, as a teacher, choreographer, advocate, and more. Where can you find such a program? Dean College of course. Consider auditioning for our BFA in Dance program. It’ll be a life-changing decision that you’ll never regret.