Residence Life FAQs

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      Are there staff who live in the buildings?

       Yes! We have 12 professional staff members, known as Resident Directors, and 30 student staff members, known as Community Advisors. Resident Directors (RD) are live-in staff members. They go through ongoing training to help students address issues such as: adjustment to college, roommate conflict, interpersonal conflict, academic concerns, etc.

      Community Advisors (CA) at Dean College are those who want to become a leader, who want to become involved in building a community, who enforce and abide by the policies established on campus, and who want to have fun and be a part of a team of highly motivated students. A CA is also a person who holds a minimum GPA of 2.2 and is a full-time student.

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      How are students placed?

      First year students and returning students:

      -First year students must complete their housing application, which asks a few questions about major, likes and dislikes. The Office of Residence Life uses this information to place roommates together. The application also asks students to rank their residence hall room preferences. The Office of Residence Life will try to honor residence hall preferences; however, the space is subject to availability. Learn how to complete your housing and dining form.

      -Returning students participate in Housing Selection in April. They have the opportunity to form roommate groups and select their rooms for the fall. Housing Selection is an online process. Students should check Today@Dean to learn more about the process.

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      What if a student requires special accommodations?

      The Office of Residence Life is happy to work with any student who may require an accommodation. These accommodations can be based on a physical, emotional or learning need. The Office of Residence Life has a close relationship with the Disability Support Office and requires certain paperwork to be filled out and completed. 

      Please complete the Accommodations & Services Intake Form  as well as the Residence Life Accommodations Form. The Office of Residence Life and Office of Disability Support Services then work together on the most appropriate placement. 

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      How do I choose where I live?

      There are two steps to obtaining housing:

      Your first two steps are to pay your deposit, then fill out your housing and dining application online. The housing application will ask you for information about your intended major, sports involvement, etc. This information will help us match you with a roommate(s). 

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      What if I want a single room?

      Our single spaces are limited. We recommend that first-year students live with a roommate. It is an important part of becoming an adult; however, if there are circumstances that warrant a single (medical, etc.), you must fill out paperwork and provide supporting documentation with the Office of Disability Services. If you want a single and are not placed in one, you may choose to go on the singles waiting list when you arrive on campus in September.
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      What if I submit my housing and dining application and then want to change it?

      If your preferences change, you may update your application online up until early July.
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      What meal plans are available for me?

      View the Dining Options available to you!
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      When will I find out where I will be living?

      After August 4 you may log onto MyHousing on Today@Dean and view your roommate and hall information.
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      What comes standard in a residence hall room?

      Every student will have their own bed (twin extra long), desk, desk chair, dresser and closet (either built in or free standing). The dimensions for the bed, dresser and desk:

      -The bed is length is 83.5 inches. The bed is raised 32 inches. This allows the dresser to fit under the bed, or for you to store other belongings if you want.

      -The dresser is 26 inches high, and 30 inches wide. There are 3 drawers in the dresser.

      -The desk is 30 inches high, and 42 inches in length.

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