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  • Cybersecurity Studies

    Certificate in Cybersecurity Studies (Continuing Studies)


    Cybersecurity isn’t just for Information Technology (IT) professionals anymore – everyone can benefit from learning the fundamentals of criminal activity on the internet.

    The Certificate in Cybersecurity Studies from Dean College provides a basic, strategic perspective on the many different facets of cybersecurity. This 6-course and 16-credit certificate is perfect for working adults. By taking two courses per term, you could complete the certificate in one year. Additionally, you do not need an IT background to understand or learn about cybersecurity.

    During your time at Dean, you will learn how to develop skills to apply in practical settings, including:

    • How to investigate a cybercrime
    • Incident response handling
    • Building and coordinating a security incident response team
    • Best practices for managing attack situations with this security incident response team
    • How to access security risks and vulnerabilities of existing and proposed information systems


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    Course Sequence

    Cybersecurity Studies

    Cybersecurity Studies - 16 credits Credits
    CRM CS100
    Introduction to Cyber Security
    CRM CS101
    Computer Systems Fundamentals
    CRM CS102
    Cyber Security Defense in Depth
    CRM CS103
    Large Scale Cyber Crime and Terrorism
    CRM CS104
    White Collar Crimes
    CRM CS105
    Cyber Security Investigations and Case Studies

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