Student Support Services

Academic Advising 

You will start your program with an individualized program checklist to use as a self-advising guide. However, checking in with your advisor periodically is a good idea to ensure you are staying on track to degree completion. If you have a question about where a class you would like to take fits into your degree requirements, the recommended sequencing of classes or if you are struggling with a class, contact your advisor about your options and available resources. 

Learning Support Services

As a Continuing Studies student, you have access to a variety of learning resources, many of which are free. The Library and the Math and Writing Centers all have evening and weekend hours with professional staff available to assist you. Peer tutors are available for different subjects typically during the day. Academic coaches, a fee-based service, can provide you with extra strategies and support.  

Online Resources for Current Students

TODAY@DEAN is Dean College’s internal web page. This important web page provides you access to your Dean College email, campus announcements, news and events, the Office of Continuing and Professional Studies departmental page and other important resources such as MyCourses and Dean Advisor.

Please note that all official communication is sent to your Dean College email and it is important to check it frequently. The Office of Continuing and Professional Studies departmental page has additional resources, such as online users guides, frequently used forms, and the departmental newsletter.

MyCourses is Dean College’s online learning platform. If you are taking a full semester course, at a minimum, you can access the course syllabus on MyCourses. Blended, hybrid and online courses use MyCourses more extensively to post course content. While there is a grade book feature in MyCourses, it is important to note that final grades for all courses can be found in Dean Advisor.

DeanAdvisor is where you go to find the most accurate and up to date information pertaining to your student records. You can view your class schedule, which includes the dates and times of your classes, instructor names, and locations. Final grades are accessed through Dean Advisor as well as unofficial transcripts. You will have access to financial information including your financial aid. 

Office of Continuing and Professional Studies Academic Catalog is your contract with Dean College and contains a wealth of important information such policies and procedures, academic requirements, program descriptions and requirements, as well as course descriptions. The catalog is an important resource and becoming familiar with its contents will help ensure your academic success.