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  • 5 Tips for a Successful Spring Semester

    Spring at Dean

    Welcome back from Winter Break! Now that you’ve had a month of relaxation, it’s time to finish off the school year strong! Here are 5 foolproof ways to make the most of the spring semester!

    1. Manage your time: Budget your time well, and the semester will go well. Invest in a planner. This will help you organize your class schedule, time for homework, athletic commitments and other campus events. But don’t forget to plan in time for yourself too!

    2. Have a positive mindset: Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes.

    3. Find a routine. A routine will help you manage everything you need to get done in one day. Once you have a routine down, you’ll know what you are capable of accomplishing, and will be able to balance your day-to-day responsibilities better.

    4. Go to office hours: Even if you are doing well in your classes, office hours can be a helpful resource for extra help, to review over difficult material, or to talk over questions that might be on an upcoming test. Putting in this extra time also shows your professors that you care about doing well and learning the material that they are teaching.

    5. Keep Stress Levels Down: It’s important to keep down stress levels and prioritize your health before everything else. You won’t be able to work to your best ability if you’re feeling overwhelmed and pulled in too many different directions. If you are finding yourself trapped in your books, take a short break and go for a walk around campus or head to Boomer’s for some games!

    Have a great spring semester bulldogs!

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