• When to Pursue a BFA in Dance

    High school students who want to go on to become professional dancers or work in the dance field have a decision to make. Should they pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Dance, or should they go the alternate route and obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Dance? Not sure which path to choose? Here's how you can determine if it's time to enroll in a BFA Dance program.

  • Which Degree is Best for Dance?

    High schoolers who want to work in the field of professional dance have two choices to make. They can either go to college for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the subject or find a school that has a Bachelor of Arts program. Read on for a few things to consider.

  • Dance Major Gains Teaching Experience at the Boston Ballet School

    Janis Walker ’24 is currently a Teacher Assistant at the Boston Ballet School, the official dance school from the renowned Boston Ballet. She assists in the Art Exploration program, one of the school’s summer programs that caters to children ages 3-8…

  • What Does a Stage Manager Do? (And How to Become One)

    If you love the theatre, but don’t necessarily want to work as an actor, singer or other type of performer, the great news is that you still have a plethora of other options. There’s technical theatre, where you put together lighting displays, ensure…

  • Pros and Cons of Working While in College

    Going to college while working full-time (or even part-time) is a great option for adults who want to further their education and gain new employment opportunities. However, there are a number of pros and cons that come with doing so. Read on to learn your choices to ensure that balancing work and school is the best option.

  • Sports Broadcasting Majors Intern with Summer Baseball Leagues

    Summer is synonymous with baseball, and this summer, a number of our Sports Broadcasting majors are interning with collegiate baseball leagues around the country. From Cape Cod to Palm Springs, we caught up with a few of them to find out how their seasons…

  • How to Become an Influencer

    From YouTubers with millions of channel subscribers to members of Instagram who land plenty of sponsorships, thanks to their followers and interactions, influencers are those who make up this new career option. Between sponsors, paid placements and advertising…

  • Understanding the Importance of Sports Law

    There's more to working in sports than simply interviewing players on the field or providing a play-by-play account from a broadcasting booth. In addition, students majoring in Sport Management or working in a related field need to have a solid understanding of sports law. Read on to learn more.

  • How to Become a Podcaster

    It seems as though everyone has a podcast these days. Celebrities host their own podcasts, offering spots to guest stars; there are privately-run podcasts on topics like true crime, video games and sports. Despite all of these podcasts, there’s plenty…