• Leadership in Action: Jen (Carr) Cote '08

    Featuring multiple presentations throughout each semester, the Leadership in Action series offers Dean College students an exclusive opportunity to hear and interact with regional business leaders to learn more about what made them successful and gain valuable insights and contacts to help them launch their own careers.

  • Four Coffee Shops to Visit in Franklin

    Looking for a delicious cup of coffee and a place to decompress with a good book? Franklin has a few options within walking distance of the Dean College campus.

  • Five Things To Do This Fall

    A slight chill is in the air…it must be the first day of fall! Below are a few places close by that are worth the visit this fall.

  • Dean Spotlight: Pom Team

    Here at Dean College there's an organization for any interest! Today we are spotlighting the Dean College Pom Team!

  • 8 Places to Eat in Franklin

    Craving something specific for your next meal? Chances are your food desire is within walking distance to the Dean campus! Here are eight spots to satisfy your hunger.

  • DanceAbroad Argentina

    Are you looking to study abroad, dance AND improve your Spanish-speaking skills? Then DanceAbroad Argentina is for you!

  • Five Things to Do in Boston

    With the Dean College train stop right in the heart of Franklin, getting to Boston is literally just steps away! Hop on the MBTA and take in the city life. Read on for five destinations worth the trip.