• Selecting a College for Your Autistic Student

    Students thriving on the autism spectrum often encounter some issues that lead to the need for additional support while in college. This makes finding colleges for autistic students that much more important. Read on to learn how to select the perfect college for your child.

  • Choosing The Best College for Students with Dyslexia

    Plenty of high school students with dyslexia go on to attend college and build successful careers. So, while the learning disability may make some aspects of college life a bit more challenging, it has nothing to do with intelligence or the overall ability to learn in a lecture or lab setting. Read on for some helpful steps to selecting a college where your dyslexic child can thrive.

  • EMT & Paramedic Training in Massachusetts: What to Expect

    Paramedics play a truly vital role in society. They speedily respond to emergency calls, do everything possible stabilize patients, and then attempt to keep them in that state until they arrive safely at the hospital for further treatment. Because of this, becoming a paramedic requires specialized training that’s quite different than that of other workers in the healthcare industry. Read on to learn more about paramedic training at Dean College.

  • Paramedic Training Requirements: What You Should Know

    Paramedics must undergo quite a bit of training, both in and out of the classroom, before they can take their certification exams and get started on the job. Read on to learn how you can train to become a paramedic.

  • Staying Connected: A Student’s Perspective on Distance Learning

    Across the United States and the world, students in every grade level are transitioning to online learning amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Here at Dean College, our students, faculty and staff are navigating the waters of the digital college experience. We spoke to Theatre major, Elizabeth Carsley ’21 to get a student’s perspective on the transition.

  • Dean College Virtual Classrooms

    After moving classes to online for the rest of the semester, we asked some of our students to share feedback on their virtual classes and new study space. Read on to hear about their experience.

  • How Much Does Paramedic Training Cost?

    Current EMTs in Massachusetts who are considering taking the next steps towards becoming a licensed paramedic are most likely wondering two things – how much does the training cost, and what does it entail? These are both important pieces of the puzzle because those already working as an emergency medical technician will need to adjust their schedules to attend these important classes. So, to simplify things and encourage your ultimate success, we have broken down all these crucial details below, including the costs and what they mean, making it easy for interested learners to understand and begin planning their next steps. Read on to learn more.

  • Massachusetts Pre-College Programs for Ambitious Students

    Ambitious high school students are those who want to learn more about their potential careers or actually experience what college life is really like. That is where our Massachusetts summer pre-college programs come into play. Students spend their time attending lectures and getting some hands-on experience in things like forensic science, sports broadcasting, and sport management. Read on to learn more.

  • Summer Programs for Students: Make Your Summer Count

    High school students looking for something more to do with their summer should consider enrolling in one of our summer programs located right here in Massachusetts. These pre-college programs are designed to give students a real-life taste of college life while also allowing them to explore their interests, from sports broadcasting, sport management or forensics. Read on to learn more.