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  • Dean College Students Win at NATS Competition in Boston

    Nats Comp Final(4)

    This past weekend, Dean College students participated in the annual National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) competition held at the Boston Conservatory. This year, Dean College sponsored nine students to enter the competition and three students were rewarded as finalists in the College Musical Theatre category (pictured above): Lexi Hassan (1st), Rachel Beauregard (2nd), and Ethan Kraus (3rd).

    All nine Dean students were required to submit three songs each as an online video application at the preliminary level. These students included:

    • Michael Sackman (student of Rebecca Abalutzk)
    • Chelsea Daniels (student of Amy DelSanto)
    • Lauren Ferreira (student of Amy DelSanto)
    • Lexi Hassan (student of Amy DelSanto)
    • Melissa Yung (student of Amy DelSanto)
    • Ethan Kraus (student Eva Kendrick)
    • Jess Luhmann (student of Eva Kendrick)
    • Casey McManus (student of Justin Petersen)
    • Rachel Beauregard (student of Justin Petersen)

    The students then received written feedback from the judges, and from the nine Dean submissions, six students were selected to sing in the Live Semi-Final Round, including Michael Sackman, Chelsea Daniels, Lexi Hassan, Ethan Kraus, Jess Luhmann, Casey McManus, and Rachel Beauregard.

    During the live final round, the students performed for a panel of three judges and received additional written feedback. Our three finalists were rewarded with substantial cash prizes that they can use to further their musical/vocal and acting study.

    NATS inspires and encourages students and teachers to continue their dedication to, and growth in, the art of singing while recognizing and honoring outstanding performances.

    For the last three years, Dean College students have participated in the NATS Boston Student Audition, and have had a winner every year – Congratulations Bulldogs!

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