• How to Go Back to College for a Second Degree

    If you’re considering heading back to school to get another college degree, you aren’t alone. In fact, this is done so often that many schools have systems in place to help adult learners get enrolled and on the right path. Wondering how it works? Read on to learn more.

  • What Are the Benefits of Continuing Your Education?

    There are many benefits to enrolling in and attending college courses. Whether you already have a college degree or are planning on going back to school in order to obtain your first one, there are a number of benefits you’ll want to know about. This makes sense, after all, because you’ll be giving up some of your free time and balancing school, work, and your family life in order to earn that degree. Thankfully, there are many reasons why this sacrifice is well worth it.

  • Early Childhood Education Majors Pursue Fulfilling Careers

    At Dean, the Early Childhood Education program is preparing the educators who will help care for and shape future generations. Many of our alumni and current students alike have found success as teachers and beyond. Read on to hear a few of their stories.

  • How to Move into the Cybersecurity Field

    Every day there are new cyber attacks on businesses located throughout the world. These tales appear in the media, usually once they’re stopped, although some of the larger ones are reported on as they’re taking place. Who is in charge of stopping the hackers and protecting companies and their information systems? Cybersecurity specialists are the ones who handle all of this and more. How can you end up in this growing field? Read on to learn more.

  • Fall 2022 in Review: Highlights from the Semester

    Every semester is full of exceptional occasions and beloved traditions, and Fall 2022 was no different. As we prepare to look ahead to the new year, read on to remember some highlights of the past year.

  • Students Present Marketing Campaigns to North Attleboro Community Center

    At Dean, many of our students complete research projects and capstone projects, including opportunities to work with organizations in the Franklin area to gain real-world experience. This semester, students in the Integrated Marketing Communication course worked with the Community Center of North Attleboro to put together branding and marketing recommendations to help better promote the organization to its community. Read on to learn more.

  • Winter Activities Around Franklin, MA

    Whether you’re looking for a break from finals or are staying in the area this winter, there are plenty of fun activities to do around town. Read on to learn more.

  • How to Become a Sports Marketing Manager

    A professional team needs to have a marketing department behind it in order to keep the public informed. If your aspirations are to someday become a sports marketing manager, here’s what you need to do to get started.