Dean College students and staff working in the Morton Family Learning Center discussing possible career changes for teachers

At a certain point, teachers can become tired of being in the classroom. Instead of hanging up their hats altogether and retiring, they usually move on to other careers. Teaching provides plenty of experience beyond helping students learn the curriculum, so it makes sense that they would be able to take those skills, along with another college degree, in an entirely new direction and environment.

Interested in learning more about potential careers for tired teachers? Here are some great suggestions that may spark your interest.

Human Resources

Sometimes, changing careers requires earning a new degree, for example, through one of the options offered by the Dean College School of Continuing Studies. One of these degree programs is in human resources. Why would a teacher be good at human resources? Well, you can look at teaching in the classroom as a type of human resources, only you’re keeping track of the progress made by kids instead of adults. Human resource professionals need to be good with people, as well as highly organized, both of which are characteristics exhibited by good teachers.


Marketing is an interesting career because it involves taking products and services and finding ways to make them appeal to the company’s target market. In this way, it’s a little like coming up with methods of making math seem appealing to third graders or reading fun for high school students. A degree in marketing, as well as those teaching skills, go hand in hand for those who want to transition out of the classroom and into the office.


Another career option for teachers, business is a widely encompassing field that consists of many different options. People who choose to get a degree in the field can work as managers, which is something that teachers have some experience with, or tackle any number of other fields, including business ownership. It might be nice to get out of the classroom and go into business on your own. All that it takes is another college degree or certificate, as well as a way to apply the skills that teachers already possess.


A pre-nursing program, like the one offered by Dean College, provides a great way for teachers to see if they’d be interested in the career option. These programs are designed to teach the basics that people need to get into the wide and varying field of nursing. Once this associate degree program is complete, students can move on to other programs, learning the more intense parts of nursing. Why would a teacher choose nursing? Most likely, they’re already great with people, like to help others and are no stranger to multi-tasking, all of which are necessities for nurses.

Choose the Dean College School of Continuing Studies

Designed for students who are balancing family life, work and other obligations, our School of Continuing Studies offers a number of programs that can be completed through hybrid courses and online classes, along with traditional on-campus options. With many different degree programs available, including the ones described above, teachers who want a new career will find everything that they’re looking for. Ready to learn more? Contact us, today.