Dean College student and professor working together to ensure that the student has a successful sports marketing career

Professional sports, and even amateur sports, require a lot of marketing. If you love sports and see yourself working in the field, then this is a great way to make an impact. Every sports team needs to have a marketing department, and there are just as many private companies that want to use those sports team to promote their own goods and services.

How can you get started in sports marketing? What does the job entail? Here’s how you can have a successful sports marketing career.

The Types of Sports Marketing

There are two main types of sports marketing. They are:

  • Marketing a Sports Team – Sports teams need to advertise their events, whether they are related to the team, like games, or unrelated, such as special events like concerts or festivals that are held in the stadium. The marketing team puts together advertising and other things, including social media posts and emails, to bring people into the stadium.
  • Marketing a Business Using a Sports Team – Another segment of sports marketing is a little more private, as far as the companies are concerned. Some businesses prefer to advertise in stadiums, ensuring that their company name appears behind the batter during a baseball game or on the walls of the football stadium during a match between two teams. Once again, marketers are the ones responsible for making these connections.

Get a Degree in Marketing, Sport Management or a Related Field

In order to work in sports marketing, you need to have a degree in the field. You have many options here, including a straightforward degree in marketing, one in business or management, or even better, a bachelor’s degree in sport management. Although they’re all great options, the latter will provide students with a solid background in every aspect of running a sports team, including marketing.

Learn Hands-On with an Internship

While in college, students will have a chance to get an internship, either with a professional sports team or with a separate marketing or advertising agency. All these options will provide students with the hands-on experience that they’ll need to get a job in the field after graduation. Plus, internships are often offered for course credits, and they look good on a resume.

Don’t Forget About Opportunities with Your School

Practically every college has a sports team. Plenty of students volunteer, work or even intern for these teams. If you want additional experience as a sports marketer, then find your way to the athletics department or the individual sports team’s offices. They are most likely looking for students who are willing to get their hands dirty, so to speak, while helping out the team.

Consider a Degree from Dean College

Once you get your degree in sport management from Dean College, you’ll be well on your way to the career of your dreams in sports marketing. There’s always room to grow in this field as well, and it all starts with plenty of knowledge and experience. Ready to take the first step? Contact us, today.