Dean College sport management internship participant at Gillette Stadium.

Students who want to get into sport management, one of the most popular, growing career fields, need to do several things to get on the right track – the right education and an internship to gain valuable experience. Both of these, as well as a pre-college summer program that they attend while still in high school, will give them all of the skills that they need in order to get a good job after finishing college.

Sport Management and Leadership Pre-College Summer Program

There are several things that students who want to work in sport management can do while still in high school, and attending a pre-college summer program is one of them. These programs offer an introduction to the field. Dean's sport management and leadership pre-college program  offers students the opportunity to learn from industry professionals through both virtual and in person visits. Students also spend time putting together a final related project, and even learn how to give a pitch on behalf of a client. In addition, they get to experience what college is like at the same time, making these programs very valuable in more ways than one.

Gaining Skills While in College

On top of getting a proverbial leg up in the field while still in high school, majoring in a related subject is also important. Many sports agents majored in fields like business management or marketing, although some schools, like Dean College, offer a specific major in sport management as well. Either way, these well-rounded students spend time in the classroom learning everything that there is to know about the business. When it comes to working in sport management, the more knowledge, the better.

Getting to Know the Right People

Networking is crucial, both for getting an internship in sports management, and also for getting a job once students graduate from college. Some of this networking can be done in the classroom, especially when courses or lectures are given by experts in the field. Students will meet some of these experienced workers while attending a pre-college summer program, or by going to extracurricular events held on campus while in college. There are also events to attend, such as multiple-day workshops, that can help them get to know the real power players in the industry. Remember: it’s not just what you know. It’s also who you know.

Looking for Internships with Agencies

Finally, after students attend a pre-college summer workshop, spending some time in the classroom while in college and networking with the right people, it’s time to find an internship in the field of sport management. Students should look into sports agencies in bigger cities around the country, where there are plenty of professional sports teams. After all, where there are teams, there are nearby agents who represent them. Check for internship listings, or simply ask connected people, such as your professors or those working in the industry, if internships are available. From there, it’s as simple as applying, building your resume, and hoping to be accepted.

Interested in getting a jump start on your sport management career? Learn more about our sport management and leadership pre-college summer program.