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  • Student Laptop Requirements

    All Dean College students are required to have with their own laptop computer and a personal printer. The make and model of the computer and printer you choose is a matter of personal choice. 

    The Technology Service Center (TSC) supports only laptops meeting the minimum requirements listed below:

    Minimum requirements for laptops running Microsoft Windows:

    • Microsoft Windows 7 
    • 802.11 N compliant WiFi adapter required.

    NOTE: The TSC does not support computers running Windows XP or Vista.

    Minimum requirements for Macintosh computers:

    • Mac OSX Mountain Lion
    • 802.11 N compliant Wi-Fi adapte
    • To be compatible will all Systems at Dean, Mac users should have both Safari and FireFox installed as browsers.

    Other recommendations:

    • USB Flash Drive 2GB or greater 
    • Multi-year service plan with laptop manufacturer
    • Surge protector
    • Bring the Manufacturer’s Restore CDs you received with your laptop. If your computer fails and needs the operating system reinstalled, the Technology Service Center will need these disks
    • 802.11 AC compliant WiFi adapter is recommended. (This will take advantage of future campus WiFi enhancements.)

    Tablet Computers

    Tablets are not recommended as the primary computer for students and should only be considered as a secondary tool. Laptops are best suited for completing assignments and for compatibility with Dean on-line resources.

    If you have specific questions about a tablet, please contact the Technology Service Center at 508-541-1633.

    Personal Printers

    All students are expected to have a personal printer to print class assignments. Wireless printers are not permitted. Your printer must be connected to your laptop by USB (or other) cable.


    Microsoft Office:

    Dean provides students with a complimentary subscription to Microsoft Office 365 for Students. The subscription is available to all students with an active Dean College email address. Microsoft Office 365 runs on Windows, Mac, phones and tablets, including iPhone and iPad. 

    To register with Microsoft for your free download, go the Technology Service Center page on Today@Dean and click on the link “Students Register for Free Office 365” located under 'Site Links'. Instructions for registering and downloading can be found under the 'Shared Documents' section of this web page.

    Virus Protection

    It is important for all student computers to have up-to-date virus protection software installed, running, and configured to automatically update. Viruses can be devastating to your documents and computer. If you have a virus, the TSC may need to keep your computer for several days. There is no guarantee it can be restored to correct working order.  

    If you are using Windows 8 or 10: Keep Windows Defender running in the background at all times. 

    If you are using Windows 7: Download Microsoft Security Essentials This software is free at  

    Macs are not immune to viruses. It is highly recommended that all Mac users run virus protection.


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