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    Please download and view our Technology Services Flyer for more information.

    Laptop Requirements
    All Dean Students are required to arrive at the College with their own laptop computer and a personal printer. The make and model of the computer and printer you choose is a matter of personal choice.

    The Technology Service Center (TSC) supports only laptops meeting the minimum requirements listed below:  
    Minimum requirements for laptops running Microsoft Windows:
    •Microsoft Windows 7
    •802.11n or 802.11g compliant Wi-Fi adapter
    •CD/DVD drive
    NOTE: The TSC does not support computers running Windows XP.

    Minimum requirements for Macintosh computers:
    •    Mac OSX Mountain Lion
    •    802.11n or 802.11g compliant Wi-Fi adapter
    •    CD/DVD drive
    NOTE: The TSC does not support computers running OSX Lion.

    Additional Accessories to consider:
    •USB Flash Drive 2GB or greater (recommended)
    •Multi-year service plan with laptop manufacturer. (recommended)
    •Surge Protector (recommended)

    Tablet Computers
    Tablets are portable and lightweight and are popular tools for note-taking in the classroom. They are not recommended as the primary computer for students and should only be considered as a secondary tool. Laptops are best suited for completing assignments and for compatibility with Dean on-line resources.

    If you have specific questions about a tablet, please contact the Technology Service Center at 508-541-1633.

    Personal Printers
    All students are expected to have a personal printer, for use in your residence hall, to print class assignments.  Wireless printers are not permitted.  Your printer must be connected to your laptop by USB (or other) cable.

    Dean provides students with a complimentary copy of Microsoft Office for Windows or Microsoft Office for Mac. The software is licensed, by Microsoft, for student use while enrolled in full-time education at Dean College and after successful graduation. Pick up your copy in the Green Family Library Learning Commons when you arrive on campus in September.

    NOTE: All assignments must be in a format compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 for Windows.

    Virus Protection
    It is important for all student computers to have up-to-date virus protection software installed and running, configured to automatically update.

    Viruses can be devastating to your documents and computer. If you have a virus, the TSC may need to keep your computer for several days and there is no guarantee it can be restored to correct working order.  

    Dean uses Microsoft Security Essentials for students running a Windows computer. This software is available as a free download at  

    NOTE: If you are purchasing a new computer, it may come with a trial version of anti-virus software. Be sure you have removed the trial version prior to installing Microsoft Security Essentials (or any other virus protection software).  

    Campus Digital TV
    To access cable television in your residence hall room, your TV must have a built-in QAM tuner. TVs without a QAM tuner will not work. Check the Technical Specifications of your TV prior to your arrival on campus.  

    Dean College has partnered with Campus TVs to provide TV rental service to students. For more information, visit, or contact Residence Life at 508-541-1838.

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