Move-in Day

  • Check-in and Move-in Information- Spring 2019

    Move-In Day

    Move-in is an exciting time! We ask families and students to read this information carefully, as there will be details about where to park, what time to arrive and where you will check in. Please check back frequently for updates.

    Once on campus you will be greeted by Community Advisors, Resident Directors and many other staff members. A move-in crew, made up of student volunteers, will be available to assist you with getting your belongings into your residence hall room. The college does provide a number of moving bins to help families transport belongings.

    We do not allow students to arrive prior to move-in day, unless they have received notification that they are part of a pre-approved college group (e.g., soccer team or move-in crew). If you are a member of one of these early arrival groups, you will receive communication from the person in charge of the group about your move-in date and time.

    New Student Check-In

    Monday, January 21st 9am-9:30am

    Check-In for ALL New Students, both commuter and resident, is schedule from 9am to 9:30am in the Campus Center. Students will need to be cleared prior to moving into their assigned residence halls or participating in New Student Orientation. The orientation program starts at 11:15am in the Campus Center for both students and families.

    Returning Resident Student Check-In

    Monday, January 21st, 9am-5pm

    Returning Resident students who have NOT been cleared for Direct Check-In must go to the Campus Center to Check-In. Once the student is cleared for check in, they may proceed to the Campus Safety/Residence Life table in the Campus Center Atrium to have their student ID activated. Students not cleared for direct check in with not have ID access to their buildings until they have completed any clearance holds.

    Returning Resident students who have been CLEARED for Direct Check-In may proceed directly to their residence hall.

    Any student arriving to Check-In after 5pm on Monday, January 21st must be CLEARED to check in and attend classes on Tuesday, January 22nd. Students who are not cleared must check in with the Center for Financial Planning and Services in Dean Hall prior to attending classes on Tuesday, January 22nd.
    All students must swipe their ID card prior to entering their residence hall building. This allows us to verify the student is on campus.

    Returning Commuter Student Check-In

    Monday, January 15th 9am-5pm

    Returning Commuter students who have NOT been cleared for Direct Check-In must go to the Campus Center to Check-In on Monday, January 21st between 9am-5pm or in Dean Hall with the Center for Financial Planning and Services prior to attending classes on Tuesday, January 22nd.  

    Returning Commuter students who have been CLEARED for Direct Check-In may go directly to their first class on Tuesday, January 22nd.

    Additional Information

    Rent or purchase a MicroFridge with a safe plug for the coming school year. Free delivery and pickup. Check out for details.

    Sodexo Dining Services
    Dean provides you with a variety of dining options that will keep your dining experience fresh. Our ultimate goal is to provide restaurant-quality food combined with great service and a fresh approach. Boomer Buck's may be used at any of our on-campus dining locations, including Boomer's Dog Pound and Bulldog Beanery as well as select off-campus Franklin restaurants. Off-campus dining locations are Domino's Pizza, Maguro House, MacCity and Franklin Pizza & Deli.  

    On Campus Market
    The On Campus Market supplies college students with all the residence hall essentials you can imagine. In its determination to make the transition to higher learning effortless and enjoyable, OCM is dedicated to providing your loved one with quality dorm room bedding and many more items we’re certain your college student can’t go without. This partnership is brought to you by the Dean College Resident Student Association and a percentage of the proceeds goes back to this organization. Please choose OCM and support your Dean College RSA!

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    Office of Residence Life
    (508) 541-1838

    Center for Student Financial Planning and Services
    (508) 541-1518

    Health Services
    (508) 541-1600

    Robbins Family Center for Advising & Career Planning
    (508) 541-1536

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