Student Health Insurance

All students enrolled in at least 9 qualifying credits are required by Massachusetts State law to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHP) OR be covered by a health insurance plan with comparable coverage. According to the state regulation comparable coverage is considered a health plan that provides comprehensive coverage, including all of the following:  preventive care, emergency services, surgical services, hospitalization benefits, ambulatory patient services, and mental health services. In addition, the services covered need to be reasonably accessible to the student in the area where the student attends school.  Out of state Medicaid and health insurance policies from other countries are not acceptable.

Dean College has partnered with Academic Health Plans to provide a qualified student health insurance program (SHP) in compliance with the minimum standards required by the state. The annual premium for 2024-2025 is $3,277.08 (coverage from 8/1/24 through 7/31/25). For students starting in January, the cost is $1,911.63 (coverage from 1/1/25- 7/31/25). Costs of the plan may change from year to year.

To ensure compliance with the Massachusetts Law, students are automatically billed for this SHP plan.

Waiving the Student Health Plan

If a student is covered by a qualified health insurance program, the student MUST waive the coverage offered by Dean College by the published waiver deadline (see below). The waiver form is completed online at  To waive the insurance, proof of alternate health coverage is required.If a waiver form is not submitted and approved by the published waiver deadline the student will be enrolled in the SHP plan.

No waivers will be accepted after the deadline.

Fall Semester – Waiver opens May 31st.  Waiver closes September 15th.
Spring Semester – Waiver opens December 2nd.  Waiver closes February 1st.

It is important to note that the burden of proof of participation in health insurance with comparable coverage falls on the student. By completing and submitting the insurance waiver, the student accepts responsibility for all medical and/or mental health expenses incurred should his/her own insurance prove insufficient.

Enrolling in the Student Health Plan

Students who do not have qualifying health insurance can expedite their SHP enrollment process to receive their health insurance member information sooner. If you do not complete this enrollment process, your information will not be added to the insurance plan system until after the add/drop period in September.  The plan will still be effective as of August 1, 2024.

To enroll in the SHP for the 2024-25 policy year, please click here.
To view the benefits offered: Dean College Student Health Plan Benefits


For any student who does not matriculate to the College or withdraws from school during the first 31 days of the period for which coverage is purchased will not be covered under the student health insurance policy and a full refund of the premium will be made. Additionally, any individual that no longer meets the criterion for a student in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as defined by 956 CMR 8.00 will not be covered under the student health policy as noted above.

All International students are required to maintain the school health insurance. To ensure compliance with the Massachusetts State Law, students are automatically billed for this Student Health Insurance Plan each year. To be eligible for coverage you must:

  1. Meet the enrollment requirements stated in the Insurance Information Schedule;
  2. Pay the required premium; and
  3. Attend classes for at least the first 31 days of the period for which premium has been paid.

If you have any questions or concerns, email