Student Health Portal

This site is designed to help you manage your own health care through a secure system quickly and easily. You can use this site to fill out on-line health forms, upload health documentation and view your health information. 

Once you receive your Dean student email log in and password you will have access to the Student Health Portal. 

  • Go to
  • Sign in (using your dean email and log in)
  • Click on “my forms” or “pending forms”
  • Complete the on-line health forms
  • Click on “Document Upload” to submit the required forms
  • Incomplete forms will remain in your “my forms” list

All students are required to submit the following health information (forms are provided for your convenience, but not required.  Your provider's forms are acceptable):

  • Physical Exam– Required only for students entering into the School of Dance/School of the Arts, any students enrolling in any dance class, regardless of major AND Student Athletes. For questions regarding these physical exam requirements, please contact - Amanda Donahue for Performing Arts/Dance majors and Beth Ward for Student Athletes.
  • Immunization History– to be completed online AND upload documentation of immunization records (including COVID-19 vaccination record, if received).  
  • Medical History -to be completed online
  • Meningococcal Disease and Vaccination Waiver– Only required if waiving the Meningitis vaccine requirement.
  • Tuberculosis Risk Questionnaire and Testing Document– The TB Questionnaire form is to be completed online. If your answers require that you be tested for TB, please print this form to bring to your physician to complete and then upload.

Student-athletes have additional forms/requirements to compete in Dean Athletics. Please see the Sports Medicine page for more information

Dean College Health Services is committed to providing all students with high quality, confidential health care, and wellness education. We hope you find the Student Health Portal to be a useful tool in managing many aspects of your health during your time here at Dean College. Please send feedback to

Deadline to submit all required health forms: 

Fall Semester: August 1

Spring Semester: January 2