Prepare for a high-powered career in domestic or international security with a major in criminal justice and homeland security from Dean College.

Prepare to work in the dynamic world of national and international security and business. As a criminal justice and homeland security major at Dean, you’ll develop an understanding of core principles in the field and learn to tackle evolving cyber-related security threats. 

Program Overview

From local businesses to international consulting, criminal justice and homeland security boast some of today’s highest-growth jobs. 

The criminal justice and homeland security program at Dean College gives you the knowledge and insights you need to succeed in this growing profession. Every course has a practical application. Faculty members are also practitioners, giving you plenty of real-world insights. You’ll learn: 

  • Core principles of national and international criminal justice and homeland security management
  • Strong leadership skills needed to manage security-related operations and activities
  • Principles of security systems, equipment, technologies and cybersecurity 
  • Emergency response and security plans for major events

Beyond the Classroom

You’ll have ample opportunity to practice your skills in real-world settings and interact with working professionals. 

  • Complete an internship on campus or in the community.
  • Solve real criminal justice or homeland security challenges for local companies as a consultant.
  • Learn from field practitioners who offer insights and share their experiences through the Dean Leadership Institute.

A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and homeland security prepares you to enter graduate school or start a career in a fast-growing area such as: 

  • Department of Homeland Security
  • FBI 
  • U.S. intelligence community
  • Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies
  • Emergency response
  • Private and nonprofit groups
  • Corporate security 

Uniquely Dean

What makes our Criminal Justice and Homeland Security program best of breed? 

  • Integrate theoretical learning with hands-on experience in the field.
  • Interact with security field practitioners in the classroom, including New England Patriots and New England Revolution security executives. 
  • Work with professors who are also experienced practitioners. 
  • Enjoy access to Gillette Stadium and other Kraft Sports + Entertainment facilities as a laboratory for learning.
  • Primary engagement with The Center for Business, Entertainment and Sport Management

Degree Offerings

  • Bachelor's Degree*
  • Associate Degree

*The course listing below is based on the Bachelor's Degree program.

Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Courses

Course Number Course Title Credits
BUS 123 Foundations of Business 3
BUS 230 Principles of Management 3
ACCT 103 Financial Accounting 3
ECO 150 Principles of Economics 3
BUS 341 Statistical Analysis and Decision Making 3
DCA 200 Internship Connections: Creating Your Plan 1
DCA 300 The Internship Experience 2
BUS 450 Senior Seminar 3
CRM 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CRM 205 Criminology: Theories of Crime 3
CRM 218 Law Enforcement and Society 3
SOC 113 Introduction to Sociology 3
PSY 111 General Psychology 3
HLS 126 Security and Risk Management 3
HLS 305 Security Systems Planning and Operations 3
HLS 310 Emergency Management Planning 3
HLS 320 Human Disaster Resilience 3
HLS 325 Cyber Security and Intelligence 3
HLS 401 Crisis and Emergency Response Systems 3
HLS 495 Vulnerabilities and Threats 3
Total Credits 57

Course Number Course Title Credits
ENG 111 Composition I 3
ENG 112 Composition II 3
SPC 101 Communication Fundamentals 3
MATH ELECTIVE Core Mathematics Elective 3
LAB SCIENCE ELECTIVE Core Lab Science Elective 4
ARTS ELECTIVE Core Distribution Arts Elective 3
HUMANITIES ELECTIVE Core Distribution Humanities Elective 3
NATURAL SCIENCES AND MATH ELECTIVE Core Distribution Natural Sciences and Mathematics Elective 3
SOCIAL SCIENCES ELECTIVE Core Distribution Social Sciences Elective 3
ENG 332 Strategic Writing for Managers 3
COM 327 Applied Professional Communication 3
ELE Upper-Division Liberal Arts Electives 9
Total Credits 43

Course Number Course Title Credits
ELE Open Electives 21
Total Credits 21

* Subject to change
** Based on the Dean College Academic Catalog 2018-19