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    DSS Student ResourcesAt Dean College, we strongly believe in providing the best educational services to each of our students. Along these lines, we offer learning and academic support as well as auxiliary aids and services to qualified students with disabilities through the Office of Disability Support Services (DSS). DSS Parent Resources

    Our mission is to advocate for a campus environment that meets the needs of students with disabilities. The College provides its full support and a variety of accommodations to any qualified student with a documented disability, executive DSS Faculty Resources functioning disorder, sensory processing or nonverbal learning issues. 

    Disability related requests for accommodations and services are evaluated individually, based on documentation and completion of the registration process.

      Registration Information

      Disability accommodations are arranged only through Disability Student Services Office (DSS). Registration with DSS is on a voluntary, self-identifying basis. Students must provide documentation of the disability from an appropriate licensed professional. Once the required documentation has been provided, the student will meet with the DSS Coordinator to discuss reasonable accommodations. 

      Students who are seeking accommodations from the Disability Support Services Office should complete the Dean College Accommodation and Services Intake Form.

      For further information, please contact:
      Karley Batalon
      Disability Support Services Coordinator
      508-541-1829 Fax

      DSS also refers students to other offices and resources on campus, including the Morton Family Learning Center, Residence Life, Counseling, Health Services, Robbins Family Center for Advising and Career Planning, Academic Affairs, and Student Activities. DSS also works closely with faculty and administrators to implement reasonable accommodations, and assist students in participating in college activities. 


      Housing Accommodations Request Form
      Documentation Guidelines
      Transfer Release Form


      Information & Resources

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