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    The Center is designed to help Dean College students gain experience in the real world. Students have access to exclusive internships with major organizations, lectures from industry experts, and the option to participate in community service projects. The Center is open with to any student regardless of their chosen major, but below are a few options that stand out for students.

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    Arts and Entertainment Management

    The performers take a bow and the curtains close, but how did that all happen? Arts and Entertainment Management with The Center will teach students what happens "behind the curtain" and how to successfully run a performance, fundraiser and other events.   

    Business Management 

    Students in the business management program will learn everything necessary to run an organization from open to close. Lectures from the Head of Marketing at the Kraft Sports & Entertainment will directly relate to a BUS-235 Principles of Marketing course. An internship with a new company like 5Wits will help students understand BUS-321 Entrepreneurship. From a student's first-year at Dean, to their last year, The Center will guide them to their next path education, or a foot in the door to a dream job.


    Every organization has a brand footprint which allows them to grow and survive. Businesses and organizations need to have that uniqueness that makes them stand out in a competitive market place. Our Communication students can run a radio broadcast for a Pawtucket Red Sox game, and are given the opportunity to handle a company's social media platforms. 

    Security Management

    Major businesses always have a security force on property, because safety is a high priority for all businesses. The Center combined with a security management major helps students understand there are not only physical security threats, but also cyber security threats. The Center helps students get the inside knowledge from industry experts like Angela McKay, The Director of the Government Security Policy and Strategy of Microsoft,, or by interning with the Kraft Sports & Entertainment, who manage over 68,000 guests at a time.

    Sport Fitness 

    Sport teams are often popular with consumers because of their star athletes. But behind the stars, are the unspoken heroes of the organization, the coaches and trainers. The Center helps students learn and gain hands-on experience with these industry professionals from The New England Patriots, New England Revolution, Pawtucket Red Sox, Boston Cannons and Providence Bruins.

    Sport Management 

    Have you ever wanted to help grow an organization? Managers are tasked with brainstorm marketing tactics, making decisions about facilities, to working with the budgets and athletes. The Kraft Sports & Entertainment, Pawtucket Red Sox, Boston Cannons and Providence Bruins are all sports organizations that have successfully been growing every year. Our students are learning from the experts responsible for the growth of these large sports organizations. These experts will give students insight into the day-to-day job duties that are relevant to this field today. 

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