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    School of Continuing StudiesThe School of Continuing Studies is available to work with companies to define areas for performance improvement and develop effective custom educational solutions that are unique to the organizational needs and challenges. Feel free to contact us for any additional information.

    Dean College PROgram

    Dean College PROgram model provides professional resource opportunities (PRO) for corporate partners. The PROgram Cohort Learning Model allows business partnership employees the opportunity to earn an associate or bachelor’s degree through year round courses offered at their workplace.

    Dates and schedules for PROgram cohorts are designed in collaboration with the organization to accommodate specific organization needs.

    Current and past PROgram partnerships include:

    • EMC Corporation
    • Putnam Investments
    • Dean Foods
    • Wayne J. Griffin Electric, INc.
    • Hockamock Area YMCA
    • Hurley of America

    Cohort Degree Program Design

    Students in PROgram cohort delivery model follow a sequential program with prescribed course offerings. Fellow cohort students will participate in the same courses for the duration of the degree program. The cohort style of learning provides students with the opportunity to study together, build networks and develop support systems.

    Cohort Degree Outcomes

    The PROgram cohort delivery model has been successful. We have seen at 96% retention rate for students completing the degree programs. The opportunity also has benefits for the organizations retention strategy. Support of employees in the program, deferred or discounted costs and convenience of onsite delivery points to an investment in the employee which provides overall job satisfaction and leads to increased productivity.

    Partnership Discount

    We appreciate loyal business! And in appreciation of your recognition of the value of a Dean degree, your organization may be eligible for partnership discounts to organizations that are committed to sending a certain number of their employees to Dean to obtain degrees.

    For more information about partnership opportunities, please contact:

    Paul Resten, Dean, School of Continuing Studies

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