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  • Spreading the Word about the Dean Difference

    MarketingThe mission of the Dean College Marketing & Communications Department is to increase brand awareness among prospective students, parents and families, current students and alumni. We help develop marketing pieces for departments across campus in an effort to strengthen and spread knowledge of the Dean Difference. Our office maintains the College website and social media efforts as well as creates and distributes on- and off-campus communication. The activities of the Marketing & Communications Department include web design, graphic design, photography, videography, publishing and strategic planning for the College as a whole.

    Style and Branding Information

    Dean College has specific graphic standards that it uses when creating marketing pieces. The official College typeface is Franklin Gothic Book and there are a variety of different official College colors, including crimson, gold, cool gray and more. View the entire College Style Guide here.

    Social Media Guide

    Social media is an ever-growing and changing aspect of marketing and communicating, but these tools can also hold the possibility of a host of unintended consequences. To help faculty, staff and the rest of the Dean College community avoid any potential issues, the Marketing & Communications Department has created a Social Media Handbook to clarify the best practices for social media usage. Dean College also has established social media policies for internal and external accounts associated with the College.

    Curious about specific clubs or organizations on campus? They may have social media accounts that you can follow to keep up-to-date! Check out our list of social media pages here.

    Project Requests

    Do you need Marketing’s help with the creation of a web page, graphic piece or press release? Detailed requests for projects should answer the following:

    • Will you need writing, design, and/or photography? 
    • What format will best suit your objectives—brochure, booklet, other? 
    • What is your deadline?

    Email your detailed request to and we will help you out as much as we can.

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  • Marketing Staff

    Gregg Chalk
    Vice President Marketing and Business Development

    Maureen Crowley
    Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Communications

    Chelsea Wojciechowski
    Graphic Designer

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  • Marketing Location

    3rd Floor of Ray House
    90 Main Street
    Franklin, MA 02038