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  • Providing a Solid Base for Success

    Academic CalendarThe Dean Difference is about small class sizes, personalized attention, and individualized learning. At Dean College we meet students where they are and get them where they want to be to achieve their academic goals and career dreams.

    We believe in a multi-layered approach that requires students to integrate core knowledge and marketable career skills with real-world learning and internship opportunities.

    Major-Specific Courses

    The majors at Dean College are structured to ensure that students receive the appropriate knowledge base in their area of interest to prepare for what's next - employment, graduate school or the transition from a two-year associate degree program to a four-year bachelor's degree program.

    Elective Courses

    College is about the opportunity to explore, which is why the Dean Curriculum is designed to provide time for exploration through electives. Students may utilize electives to try something completely new or further enhance their depth of knowledge in their primary subject area. For bachelor's degree students, electives also provide ample opportunity to pursue a minor or double major.

    Real-World Experience

    The Dean Curriculum is designed especially to help students build their knowledge base with an eye on finding a job. Our courses involve hands-on learning through case studies, problem-based assignments, guest speakers, excursions into the field and laboratory application. These experiences culminate in a required capstone internship for all bachelor's degree students. In addition, students are encouraged to pursue multiple internships to build their resume and complement the knowledge acquired through their coursework.

    All-College Core

    Courses laying the foundation for success.

    English Composition

    This course develops students' ability to think clearly and write effectively through classroom and lab sessions focusing on concept development and implementation.

    Composition and Literature

    The basis for developing analytical skills, this course provides skill development in discussion and analysis through an exploration of literary genres.

    Human Biology

    This engaging lab science course is designed to familiarize students with the basic knowledge in human biology by developing an awareness of concepts necessary for general well being.

    Foundations of Quantitative Reasoning

    This course emphasizes personal financial and consumer literacy while developing skills in quantitative and statistical analysis focused on the process of mathematical thinking.

    Communication Fundamentals

    Interpersonal, small group and public communication skills are vital to success in today’s world, and this course helps students expand their understanding of communication while developing skills and self confidence.

    Core Distribution Electives

    Rather than take a series of introductory courses or survey courses in a number of different areas, students complete the Core Distribution electives — one course in each of four areas designed to engage students in the active discovery of the world.

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